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Absence makes the art grow fonder

Discussion in 'Illustrator Forum' started by Monsieur Cabinet, May 15, 2009.

  1. Monsieur Cabinet

    Monsieur Cabinet New Member


    I have been on and off from freelance for the past two years and am finding emailing newspapers/magazines increasingly hard to judge. I used to call first and enquire directly who to contact (i thought this was the most professional approach but in retrospect I was probably just another fish in the murky freelance waters). I have no idea how to approach possible commissioners, whether to be myself (likely to end an email with an inappropriate gag about contraceptives and farts) or to straight (wear a tie and grow a trustworthy beard).

    I teach relatively full-time (graphics and illustration) so by the time it comes to my own work I am shattered/ confused & the last thing i want to do is spend ear aching hours calling up admin departments.

    So, email, good or bad? Should I post hard copies?

    and finally, does anyone know of any concise illustration/design competition websites I could look at. If all else fails at least I can keep up the drawing with more direction.

    Hope this hasn't been too unbearable to read.

    Condoms and Farts


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