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Advice for a Newbie?

Discussion in 'Illustrator Forum' started by Miw, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Miw

    Miw New Member

    Hello :) I have recently Graduated from University (Ba Hons Illustration) and am trying to set myself up for freelance.

    Although I enjoyed my course, sadly I do not feel I learned a great deal from it. You see the course was combined with Graphic Design, so there was a lot of typography, layouts, everything was done using a computer and there virtually no drawing until the final year - and even then it was minimal. Which is sad because drawing is what i've always been interested in, I would love to one day become a Children's Book Illustrator.

    This past month i've been doing some work of my own, but finding it a little difficult. I have a studio (in a shed lol) a lot of different medium to work with - I particularly like water colour. But without briefs or strict deadlines I'm finding it hard to push myself to work... I work much better if the project has been set by somebody.

    And so, I was wondering, what kind of 'briefs' do you guys set yourselves and how do you overcome them? Is there any advice you could offer to a newbie with art block?

    Please take a look at my website: Miw Illustration
    It needs a lot of work, I am aware of this lol :p

    Thank you
  2. fad460

    fad460 New Member

    Look "Fiverr" and "Upwork"

    Great resources with a lot of work!

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