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Advice if anyone can offer it?

Discussion in 'Illustrator Forum' started by matlockemmy, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. matlockemmy

    matlockemmy New Member

    I'm looking for a bit of advice from anyone who thinks they can help! I've been working as a freelance illustrator for just over 2 years and met a local business man who writes childrens books. After illustrating the first book he kept phoning for other things to be done like posters and leaflets, but refused to pay for this work. He said the images were already drawn and so assumed he wouldn't have to pay again. He keeps trying to get me involved with the running of his business and inviting me to meetings that I don't feel I have any role in. I'm getting really stressed about this as I find myself having to make excuses not to go to these meetings and events. I want to be honest but he's the kind of person to really throw his toys out of the pram. How should I approach this?
  2. paul_donnelly

    paul_donnelly New Member

    So, you've been paid for the illustrations for the books, but not the posters etc?

    I'd stop working with him immediatley if your not comfortable, or feel he's taking advantage.
  3. matlockemmy

    matlockemmy New Member

    Yes, I was paid for the book. I think the answer is really obvious but I think I needed to hear it from someone else! I am really happy doing the work as it's what I love to do, it's just a shame some business people don't see freelance workers as professionals. Thanks for your feedback.
  4. urbanbindi

    urbanbindi New Member

    Next time you feel you're going to be taken for a ride by a twat head so-called businessman, knock out a page of terms and conditions and an agreement that needs to be signed by both parties.

    Trust me, they'll behave themselves.

  5. MrMackem

    MrMackem New Member

    Treat every 'job' he makes you do as a 'job'.

    A poster is a different job to a flyer.

    Send him the bill!
  6. Pug Creative

    Pug Creative New Member


    Wow- this guy is totally taking advantage of you and I definitely suggest you put him straight on a few things- If the work is already done (as he states) why does he need you for? You could tell him you are happy to do additional work and then state how much each job will cost- after all your time is money and this is your job so how dare he expect you to do stuff for nothing. Thats like going into a store and buying a TV and then expecting to back the next day and get a stereo and a laptop for free because you had paid for the TV!
  7. Destriarch

    Destriarch New Member

    I'd agree with what everyone else has said really, with the addition: if he wants you to go to meetings, go to them. Charge him a consultation fee, a callout fee and travel costs.


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