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Am I getting exploited?

Discussion in 'Journalism Forum' started by baldideas, May 11, 2016.


Am I being slow or am I being exploited?

  1. Slow

  2. Exploited

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  1. baldideas

    baldideas New Member

    I'm curious to know if I'm being exploited with this ongoing freelance reporter job.

    The pay is £50 per event covered. The events can be around two hours long, and the final text averages 2,000-4,000 words. I'm told it should take no more than two hours after the event finishes to write up the summary, but it usually takes me about six hours, sometimes more.

    Am I being slow or am I being exploited?
  2. Lupita

    Lupita Member

    Well I would just do the 2 hrs and say ' there; that's what you get for the time you allocate.'

    And yes the pay is extremely low (per hour would be better than per event), espcially for what a monumental task it sounds! My feeling is that most people would prob prefer to read a review of an event that is LESS than 1,000 words; 4,000 words sounds way way way too long.

    Lastly, in answer to your final question, I would say 'yes' - to both; sorry! (But to reassure you, my initial articles as a journalist took me four or fives times longer than they do now). Tip: get your confidence up. Ask someone to read your quickest (quickest!) attempt at a 500-word review - then do your normal 4,000-word thesis and ask which they'd prefer to read if they came across either 'cold'. If the person is not your mum, who knows how much sweat and tears you invested in the thesis, they're almost certainly going to go for the 500-word piece. You'll then know - beyond doubt - that writing at a pace with urgency while demonstrating 'KISS' is better for both you (and almost all other journos for that matter) and your readers - 'Keep It Simple & Show.'

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