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Amateur Designer

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by Faizan, May 13, 2007.

  1. Faizan

    Faizan New Member


    I am an amateur graphics and web designer, currently working as a freelancer and taking a Graphic Designs (BTEC Level 3) National Diploma at college.

    I am 18, experienced in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and QuarkXpress but I have not worked for any companies, so when companies ask for experience, I don't have any!

    Here are some of the sites that I have designed:
    Bollywood Spice
    Preity-Forever.com: Image Gallery
    Priyanka Chopra Photos Gallery
    Sarwat Minhas: Aritst Portfolio
    and my site: FQ Designs

    I have also designed free leaflets for some restaurants etc, like the one shown below:

    Front | Back (large files: 1.5mb each; designed in Illustrator)

    I am wondering how much to charge for leaflets like the one shown above, and websites. I currently only charge around £50 for quite a large website like kanganaranaut.com.
    Last edited: May 13, 2007
  2. workinprogress

    workinprogress New Member


    Whoa slow down, £50 for a website? You need to be charging much more, looking at your work It would appear that your quite talented. I charge per hour and give a rough estimate of how long it will take. My fee is £17.00 per hour but your work looks technically more sound than mine so would charge more. Again the same with the leaflets charge by the hour and in the future you will be able to estimate it better and do a set price - this means that if you finish it quicker you make more money per hour and can take on multiple jobs.

    You do have exprience - eight websites is quite a bit of experience! Who cares who you have worked for its your portfolio that counts!
  3. Faizan

    Faizan New Member

    Oh wow thanks!!!

    I have designed over 30 websites.. those 8 are just some that I listed here. :)

    Sometimes it takes me much longer to come up with an initial idea for a site, and at other times, it takes me around 2 hours.

    It's just that I pay SO much attention to little details. :)
  4. webhound

    webhound New Member

    This is a problem in the design field as with so many charging so little, clients think this is what they should be charged! Not only are you doing a disservice to yourself but also to the industry in general.
  5. Faizan

    Faizan New Member

    It's funny that you should say that. I have been told numerous times that I overcharge (I charge $45 just for a main page design) because of silly amateur designers around sites like Hollywood.com who design fansites for as little as $5!!
  6. dmd

    dmd New Member

    Absolutely spot on. I currently charge £17 an hour (as I'm in Wales) and one of my clients told me that they used to use this guy who charged £10 an hour! He was basically doing it as a hobby and, despite his experience in design, didn't know what 'dps' meant. Scary.

    I too think that people charging stupidly low hourly rates are damaging the industry and its the decent and reliable freelancers who suffer the most.

    I never work for less than £17 an hour, as the rate is already incredibly generous considering my experience and skills. I'm looking to branch out into more developed cities such as Bristol and hopefully London and I will be upping my hourly rate accordingly. A friend of mine who works in London laughed when I told him how much I charged!

    Faizan, you really need to up your rates. Looking at your work, you're a very competent web designer/builder (by the way, web designers usually charge MORE than print freelancers). Don't be afraid to lose potential business, after all, do you REALLY want to work for someone who expects to pay next to nothing for a lot of work?
  7. Faizan

    Faizan New Member

    Wow.. Thank you all so much.

    I will definitely up my rates, now that you have boosted my confidence!

    And I have already started getting PMs here for work! Thanks people!
  8. conceptstore

    conceptstore New Member


    The best way to decide your price guide is:

    1.) Your skill set
    2.) Your experience
    3.) Your location

    I charge £20 ph for maintenace on a website, £35- 50 ph for graphic design. Usually all my work is project based. I charge by the project rather then the hour.
  9. Faizan

    Faizan New Member

    Thanks guys.

    A couple of people contacted me from here through PM but they're only offering me from £40 to £65 per leaflet.. I don't know if I should take it or not. I'm thinking about it.
  10. c b designs

    c b designs New Member

    Amateur ?

    Hello Faizan,

    Please don't call yourself an amateur from now on. I have had a look at your work and amateur it is not.

    Your work is ruddy good and when you start admitting to yourself how good it is then you will be able to charge what your worth without doubt. So goodbye to jobs that people want done for a fiver.

    :eek: phew! . . .now that I'm off my soap box. Apologies if I sounded brash.

    Good luck.
  11. Faizan

    Faizan New Member

    Hahahahahaa thanks! By amateur, I didn't mean to put myself down.. lol. I meant it in the context of a student designer without industry experience. :)
  12. Faizan

    Faizan New Member

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