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Any good Books?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by Johnnyboy83, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Johnnyboy83

    Johnnyboy83 New Member

    Evening All,

    Just wanted to ask if anyone can recommend any good books for Dreamweaver which covers everything? even it is a series of books which would be beneficial to my web development.
    I am taking my time to learn the basics and try and cover most points in web design and dreamweaver. I know its going to be a long road to developing websites but I am willing to put in the effort to get where I want to be.

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated

    Many Thanks for your time
  2. Victorious

    Victorious New Member

    I don't want to shatter your dreams of becoming web designer/developer but no one uses WYSIWYG editor to create professional pages 1st it's hugely inefficient, 2 its just wrong....

    You don't need books - google is the best resource - tutorial sites like nettuts or thinkvitamin and learn absoulte essentials like HTML, CSS and JavaScript from w3schools.com... Over time you may want to venture into server-side scripting like PHP or ASP (go with PHP much easier to work with - hint) and frameworks like Codeigniter or jQuery... If you reach a good level of proficiency in these areas most of the agencies will pay big bucks to reel you in...
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2011
  3. michelledancer

    michelledancer New Member

    Victorious is a bit aggressive, but also correct. Professionals don't let wannabe professionals use Dreamweaver, get yourself a proper editor :)

    I have no book recommendations, sorry, it's not really how I learn. If you don't relish the thought of Googling everything yourself (which does work, btw) you could always consider one of the courses from SitePoint/Learnable.
  4. AdamC

    AdamC New Member

    If you want the absolute basics, you could try one of those x for Dummies books but if you're more serious then try and look for a book about Dreamweaver by Addison-Wesley. They have published some of the better books about web design and other aspects of computer technology in the past few years.
  5. jf design

    jf design New Member

    Hi John

    I recommend The Missing Manual for learning Dreamweaver. I've got the one for CS4 which is brilliant, I'm sure the one for CS5 is just as good. I found it really well written, it pretty much covers all of Dreamweaver's functions and it touches on CSS/HTML too. The author has quite a humorous style which is refreshing. The Missing Manual series has books on CSS, HTML (and most other software and coding languages really), so you could always check those out too. That said, I do google a lot of problems/questions too.

    I'm a designer, not a developer, but I'm very conscious of the fact that designers need a basic knowledge of web development these days, which is why I gave DW a go. It was the obvious option for me as it felt less daunting than just looking at a window of line after line of code – plus the fact that I could get it as part of CS. I code by hand in split view, as this means I'm learning the coding side of it rather than just using DW as a layout app.

    Good luck with it :)
  6. Victorious

    Victorious New Member

    Sorry if I appeared aggressive I did not meant to. I guess everyone ventured through Dreamweaver (including me). The Coder view in dreamweaver is ok but there is a lot far more advanced editors.

    If someone really thinks to do web development really should wean themselves off Dreamweaver as soon as possible it is simply perceived as WYSIWYG and may give wrong impression when applying for jobs (especially in creative agencies) although a lot of people use it for reasons known only to themselves. I personally use Komodo which I found to be the best tool.

    The Dreamweaver creates buggy, code heavy sites if not coded by hand which is simply unprofessional.
  7. Victorious

    Victorious New Member

    But I guess there is a bit of a gap between being a web developer and web designer...
  8. synapsesites123

    synapsesites123 New Member

    I recommend the book dreamweaver MX 2004: Visual QuickStart Guide By: J. Tarin Towers :happy
  9. webguru11

    webguru11 New Member

    try to write your own code. editors are not for serious design stuff. there are a lot of good books. go with the publishers. Google them
  10. kathygreen

    kathygreen New Member


    I think you could check out the Dreamweaver CS5 - The Missing Manual or yes could just google for tutorials, there are loads available.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 11, 2011
  11. Danish01

    Danish01 New Member

    Why are you looking a book? why don't you try online so many site are available who learning Dreamweaver and videos are also helpful for you...
  12. Danish01

    Danish01 New Member

    Why don't you learned online lots of options are available to learn dream weaver...

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