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Any photographers considered finance for equipment?

Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by FreelanceJoe, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. FreelanceJoe

    FreelanceJoe New Member

    Prices vary, and i am keen to know more about financing a Sony Professional Camcorder for a sideline biz with a mate's film crew. hardly say I am the ardent pro, only been doing photography for a year, loved filming for longer but got stuck in IT jobs. I am not sure whether to buy or lease it. Would I be right in saying a lease so not owning it means I can get upgrades?

    This would be costly normally and my budget is not exactly top notch. I am new here. Seen some ebay options but I may join a friend in London, his small but growing film firm and I would be an asset with the right equipment. The Sony HDCAM looks great, the HDW-650P has all the features at a price tag.
  2. Anna Rusks

    Anna Rusks New Member

    firstly, Hi. The operating lease angle allows you to not own the equipment and get continuous upgrades. This also allows lower payments. Also this rental approach can be claimed as expenses, 100% tax benefit.

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