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Any tips to find clients?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by HuwD, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. HuwD

    HuwD Guest

    Hi guys,

    Have been designing and developing websites for quite some time now and have to decided to give freelancing a go.

    However am having difficulty finding clients? Any tips?

  2. mds

    mds New Member

    Keep on browsing forums and freelance sites, i'm sure something would come up
  3. Thinkfast

    Thinkfast New Member

    Forum will help you better than other resources.

    Thanks :)
  4. robcub

    robcub New Member

    I have found a WordPress.org blog quite useful for climbing up the rankings and pulling in a bit of organic trade.
  5. Hutchy

    Hutchy New Member

    Start Local - ask friends and family of anyone they know who may want a new website or redesign, basically network.

    Have a portfolio website - clients need to be impressed by previous work.

    Fishing - look for local business websites that could do with a make-over and contact them to offer your services. (I did this to start and after 5 letters I had my first client).

    Consider regular freelance work - offer your services to computer/web design companies for an hourly fee. you'll probably need more than one income stream to start with.
  6. Dean-123

    Dean-123 Banned

    my opinion

    you should know your company's advantage and your client's need,them try your best to make them fit with!
    you can go to the websitemytino,i think it's useful!
    take it easy and good luck!
  7. Skyte Media

    I have found that finding local businesses on yell.com successful...send some letters of or pop in and see them.

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