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anyone interested in a project collaborations?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by catboy, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. catboy

    catboy Guest

    hi all,

    i'm a senior web developer with very little free time to undertake the complete dev. of a few personal projects that i have in mind.

    i have a number of good domains that i'd like to turn into revenue-making sites (be it through affiliate schemes, amazon web services etc. or whatever- i'm open to suggestions). i also have my own dedicated webserver so there's no overhead there.

    i'd have time to work on the projects too, but i just don't think i'll have enough time to complete all aspects of them myself.

    i'd basically like to talk to anybody with web/design skills or whatever value you feel can bring to a collaboration. i'd be up for sharing the revenue created as a 50/50 split. just looking to sew a few seeds really and see what happens- who knows it could grow to something big :)

    anyhow if you're interested in the above get in touch!

  2. jackie11

    jackie11 New Member

    Hi there,

    I'm interested. What sort of thing are you in need of for your projects.

    I have some knowledge and experience in:


    I also know a little dreamweaver, and i'm very handy with a computer.
    I want to study and learn as much as possible in web design/development.

    Jackie xxx
  3. james.snv

    james.snv New Member

    That sounds really good and i am interested in it.Seems to be pretty handy business but is it related bit of search engine optimization? ,just let me know Or give me your e mail id so as i can process it further.
  4. I would definitely be interested in this, I have a lot of experience with affiliate products (however unsuccessful) and have spent a lot of time with web design.

    I'd love to speak to you about this, I also have a couple of affiliate sites currently running.

    I'd most likely need some advice and help in some places but I am hard working and very willing to make it work.
  5. Victorious

    Victorious New Member

    I would be happy to help. I have experience in XHTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP including working within frameworks (I just love Codeigniter - that's the only way web should be developed), MySQL, Flash. I do graphic design for websites and print. I know some stuff about SEO and currently expanding my knowledge in Joomla and Wordpress (template development others). I did some freelancing before and now I am getting back to it.

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