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Awash with spam

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Rizzo, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Rizzo

    Rizzo New Member

    Has anyone got any suggestions for dealing with spam please.

    I have hundreds of the wretched things landing in my inbox, some go into my junk folder, some still stay in my inbox and it takes forever to sort - I feel I have to rifle through just in case there's the odd sales enquiry. My email address has to appear on my website so I guess that's where they get it from, but I can't remove it or I'll get no work!! :confused:
  2. johnj

    johnj New Member

    My IP (BT Internet) has teamed up with Yahoo and my email is screened for spam before it gets to my Outlook in box.

    I can logon to the BT/Yahoo account and look at the 'Spam' and de-select any that I would want to receive. The Spam account is automatically deleted periodically.

    Have you looked to see if your IP offers the same protection?

    I also run Norton Internet Security which allows you to 'Block' email senders addresses that have made it through so that further mail from that address is blocked.

    Not advocating Norton as I am sure there are other makers of Anti Virus/Spam software out there. It just came preloaded with the machine.

    The combination of BT/Yahoo and Norton mean that my inbox is virtually free of any Spam although the odd one or two still make it through.

    This is a lot less than the 70 or so that appear daily on the BT/Yahoo Spam account!

    Hope this helps

  3. Rizzo

    Rizzo New Member

    Cheers JJ

    I'll have a look at what my IP does. I did have something called mailwasher or similar a while back but found I spent as long sifting through it there as I did my inbox from what I can recall. It was a while back tho. Does blocking email addresses work? I would have thought it's an ongoing thing as they would keep sending from different emails :confused: Anyway, thanks very much will see what I can find out.

    Happy Friday :)
  4. johnj

    johnj New Member

    Hi Rizzo

    Unfortunately it doesn't block all spam but any that does get throuh can be added to the blocked list thus preventing further mail from that sender and it works!

    The system that my IP uses is not perfect but does go a long way to preventing the 'Viagra' sellers etc from filling up my inbox.


  5. Stewart Mc

    Stewart Mc New Member

    Like JohnJ I've got the BTInternet/yahoo combination. I've found it very effective, I get about half a dozen spams a day. The only downside is that if I want to get my breasts enlarged or buy a mock-Rolex I guess I'll have to look up the Yellow Pages.
  6. notepad

    notepad New Member

    I've found that its mainly signing up for things that get you spammed, rather than an email link on your website. You can get rid of that email link on the website by using a form instead of an email link anyway.

    What I do if I want to sign up or register for anything, is set up a new 'throwaway' yahoo address and set it to forward to my existing account. If I suddenly get a load of spam, I undo the forwarding and never go back to that particular 'throwaway' address.

    If anyone wants help setting up an email form on their website rather than putting their email address online, get back to me.

    PS Its actually agency reps phoning me constantly and asking me for my CV that drives me mad.
  7. journoman

    journoman New Member

    Have used this for years:

    CA Anti-Spam (formerly Qurb)

    Works really well, cheap and easy to download/use.

    Good luck!
  8. Chilli Con Carnage

    Chilli Con Carnage New Member

    Hi Rizzo,

    Firstly I would suggest you replace your email address on your website for a contact form so your email address is not visable.

    If you still want to put your address on your site then I'd suggest creating an image of your email address rather than having it as text. Spammers use bots to scan sites for email addresses but they can't detect it if its in an image.
  9. w i l l

    w i l l New Member



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