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Banner Design Required

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by tobinuk, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. tobinuk

    tobinuk New Member

    Hi all....im new here!

    Im looking for a header, banner for my oscommerce website. It is a adult toy website but lacks in a eye catching header image (as you will see).

    Is there anybody who can create a banner either using photoshop or equivilent software? It does not need to be a moving image, something fairly raunchy with my website name included.

    Please check my site and report back here we can then exchange email address etc.

    I only have £5-£10 to spend but it can be paid via Paypal soon as project complete. I would imagine it would take someone with a good knowledge about 10-20 mins max to create..........

    I look forward to floods of responses

    Thanks for reading post

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 3, 2008
  2. reaver

    reaver New Member

    Hi Steve,

    Ive had a good look at the site :rollin , I can do a nice banner for you , please contact me.


  3. No moving banner


    Online portfolio available including ‘Banner Design Examples’, please contact me direct through my website to discuss your banner project.

    Many thanks,


    Hawkeye Graphic Design
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2008
  4. thefishgraphics

    thefishgraphics New Member

    RE. web banner design

    Hello Steve,

    I would be happy to design a web banner for you.
    Take a look at my web page and let me know if interested.
    I can guarantee fast and high quality services :]

    Thank you,
  5. PointandStare

    PointandStare New Member

    Shoot me down in flames but ...

    £10 is your budget? And that's enough for, if you are lucky, 30 mins work.
    But that's ok because with your knowledge and experience in the design industry you know that's all it will take to produce something that you are relying on to increase your store's profile and generally increase your profits.

    Good luck with that one buddy!
  6. Chase

    Chase New Member

  7. Mass Appeal Designs

    Mass Appeal Designs New Member

    She's fit as well;)
  8. sohamhere

    sohamhere New Member


    I can do this for you within your budget..

    plz contact me for further discussion

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