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best reseller hosting?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by idealsites.co.uk, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. idealsites.co.uk

    idealsites.co.uk New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Found you searchin for 'uk web design forum', needed UK becasue I need to choose a reliable UK reseller hosting company, spending max £50 per month really so any recommendations would be great!

    Last edited: Nov 22, 2006
  2. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Tried fasthosts?


    Their reseller package is bang on your budget for £50 a month. Heard lots of good things about their API and they are oretty reliable as have used them for a few things in the past but not this package.

    Good luck :)
  3. idealsites.co.uk

    idealsites.co.uk New Member

    What about the £30 mark?

    I've used shared SSL before, should you realy be using dedicated SSL for each site really?
  4. darkside

    darkside New Member

    Not sure if you found what you were looking for but I can recomend these guys:

    Pipeten - UK reseller web hosting on Windows and Linux
  5. darkside

    darkside New Member

    that is clever how it grabs the page title off the page you're linking to! not seen that before :D
  6. idealsites.co.uk

    idealsites.co.uk New Member

    I ended up going with cyberhostpro, given an award for reseller hosting and the 5Gb starter reseller account comes with all you need for £15 for Linux based! The servers are US based but Windows is available in the UK. Decided for the price it isn't really a problem them being in US, seems no slower than any other page loading time!
  7. Cliphead

    Cliphead New Member

    I'll be shortly going with these guys, they seem to have an excellent reputation;

    UK Web Hosting - Cheap Web Host - Blackfoot Hosting

    Whatever you do avoid Heart Internet like the plague, shockingly bad service.
  8. idealsites.co.uk

    idealsites.co.uk New Member

    I am with cyberhost paying £15 per month but think I will move as linux servers are not in UK, seems it makes a big difference?
  9. Ardesco

    Ardesco New Member

    Depends what you want to do to be honest. i would have thought that hosting a static site would be pretty similar wherever you are based.

    The coststo set up hosting on this side of the pond are much greater than in the US so UK prices are going to be a little bit higher.
  10. jerryh

    jerryh New Member

    heartinternet.co.uk are surprisingly good for the money...
    loads of features, good cp (which you can brand) etc
  11. badlyDrawnToy

    badlyDrawnToy New Member

    UK v US hosting

    There have been a few comments about UK v US hosting. The main/only reason to consider UK hosting is if you plan to host UK domains, and are worried about Google rankings/SEO.

    Google determines a site's locality based upon the IP address of the host server and the domain name. So, a.uk domain should be fine if hosted in the US. However, a .com domain for a UK company should be hosted on UK servers.

    I, and many others, take no risks, and ensure that even .uk domains are hosted in the UK

    Google is increasingly using localised results, and this is now a major hosting consideration
  12. datastream

    datastream New Member

    not over happy with Fasthosts

    i purchased a domain via them (uk reg) on the 6th of March, they i entered the domain hosting addresses for my isp so i could move it across and start work hosting my new site, but could not alter the tags, i called support and they told me that they have to stay put for 60 days, What!! and i didnt see that anywhere in the terms and conditions, so now i'm stuck for 2 months, bummer
  13. idealsites.co.uk

    idealsites.co.uk New Member

    To follow up for anyone else looking, I have for the past 6 months now been using cyberhostpro. I think you have a choice of UK or US servers, tech support is usually always on hand with live support messaging system. Features are great and servers seem very fast! Not had a problem!
  14. solarisedesign

    solarisedesign New Member

    I use Clook.net, they've proved extremely reliable and provide a great interface (cPanel/WHM) - although I'm not sure if they're taking on new clients at the moment. Check them out anyway
  15. Toxitalk

    Toxitalk New Member

    They are ok

    We use them, its ok for basic PHP stuff but there database are only 300mb a pop unless you go dedicated with them (which is expensive compared to some)
  16. blazzar

    blazzar New Member

    I agree with above, fasthosts are fine for general hosting of small sites but become very expensive when any form of database is involved.
  17. hellosmithy

    hellosmithy New Member

    I recommend these guys too, I've been using Pipeten for about 4 years now and they've been pretty solid and reliable.
  18. mogant

    mogant New Member

    Any info on Heart Internet

    I noticed a couple of posts about Heart Internet and have been looking around. there seems to be both negative and positives about this reseller package that they offer.
    Is anyone with them right now and can they tell me how they are getting on please. Am wanting a shared server setup to provide hosting packages but also supply complete web design services.

  19. zcrafts

    zcrafts New Member

    You can check out WebhostUK LTD I am using them from last one year fantastic support and server performance.

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