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Best way to engage recipient of cold letter

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by Mark Littler, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Mark Littler

    Mark Littler New Member


    I am an independent auctioneer (antiques etc) and I am just about to target home movers. This market is great for me as those who are moving house often tend to have a 'thin out' of belongings or there are items that are surplus as they are downsizing.

    I have a letter and a good quality leaflet that I would like to deliver to houses which are up for sale (simply by driving around and dropping off to through the letter boxes) but I would like peoples thoughts as to how to address the letter/envelope.

    Maybe I am over thinking this, but would an envelope be unnecessary (perhaps just tuck the letter into the A5 leaflet and post) or should I place both in an envelope and address to 'the homeowner'.

    Being newly self-employed I am fresh to this world so any comments or suggestions from professionals would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Paul.Kelly

    Paul.Kelly New Member

    Hi Mark,

    a leaflet only will be OK, but you might not get many responses.

    Speak to estate agents, moving companies, storage businesses i.e. anyone your target audience might use.

    Have you tried any local antique & collectors fairs to promote your services? How about offering to do free valuations for the organiser, which will bring you warm leads.

    Dare I say it, targeted AdWords of FB advertising might help and are you set up on Google Business (and Bing Business).
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