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Best way to market

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by BOLTON78, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. BOLTON78

    BOLTON78 New Member

    Hi i am looking for tips on how to market my new business

    1) email marketing? Pros/cons
    how much info to put into an email?
    who to send it to? i.e M.D,sales,our a percific person
    flyer as an attachment

    2) postal marketing? Pros/cons

    3) any other way of marketing?

    Any help would be grateful
  2. ayo_adigun

    ayo_adigun New Member

    Email marketing - always.

    I have launched many new and up and coming brands solely through email marketing. Its a tricky science to master... but one you do... you're laughing.

    I would say use the internet to your advantage, while managing your brand through email marketing.

    Due to the current economic situation stay away from heavy expenditures in physical marketing!

    Ayo Adigun
  3. Pirrera

    Pirrera New Member

    I think it depends - what type of business is it? Email marketing is very important, and like ayo_adigun said it's a good option in the current economic climate.
    But it also depends on your target market, if you are targeting a niche customer base it might be worth looking into doing a mix of both email and postal.
    If you have a website you can create a newsletter sign up option that will email those who are directly interested in your company. To offer any more suggestions on an appropriate marketing route a little more info. about your business is needed!
  4. Janine Forder

    Janine Forder New Member

    Lead generation through telemarketing is about twice as effective as email marketing - either way it relies on you having GOOD data. Also you can combine the two, do an emarketing campaign, track who clicks to your site and reads your message using an email marketing system online (contact me if you want details) and then use a decent telemarketer to call those who have opened the email or clicked to your link.
  5. moonape

    moonape New Member


    I have some ideas over at my site Red Lemon Club that can help you.

    Let me know what you all think of the site,

  6. SL-Freelance

    SL-Freelance New Member

    I agree with Janine, it all starts with the quality of the data and Telemarketing performed properly generally has better results than email marketing.

    First of all you need to identify your ideal customers using demographics such as - where are they based, what are the titles of people you want to sell to etc.

    Then you build a strategy of how to contact these people - moreover you need to build a strategy on how to attract their attention. Finally, you need to decide on how to finish the sale - will this be face2face, by telephone, internet signup?

    With these ingredients and the right database you will succeed every time, whether that's by email, direct mail or telemarketing. I help people with all these aspects of marketing both in terms of strategy and implementing the work.

    Contact me if you need help, especially with Consultative Telemarketing.
  7. IUH

    IUH New Member

    Why not choose Adwords??

    Have you considered Adsense, best result for your money. Your ads are displayed to targeted audience. You just need to have a website with good layout.
  8. Woltech

    Woltech New Member

    Marketing means publicity!!!!!


    I am not sure what kind of product you wanna offer online, But one thing, I can tell you, If you want to do marketing with proper sense then Do some Good planning before you start running on the field.

    Online Marketing Always depends on How good you can do some Marketing While once it Will be done and it will start to give you results on regular basis. HOW?

    1. Do Social networking like facebook ( biggest Web Community in the Entire World. )
    i) If you promote Your Products through a Fanpage Only those people will join who has the interest on the products your are offering. So, Its better than email Marketing anyway.

    2. Have a Professional looking Website and Do Google Adwords. This can provide very high quality traffic on regular basis.

    3. SEO ( search Engine Optimization ) Through Search Engine Optimization You can Get Bunch of traffic who are really looking for your product who searched your products key name through search engine.


    1) You can't Give guarantee that The Email addresses You sending Emails the recipient Will really open your emails or not.

    2) You Will have to wait for them to open your mail and then to click to your offers which is also not confirmed.

    3) There is also a very big risks of Being thrown into spam box which mean result of email marketing very nearly Zero.

    4) Yes There are certain ways to master this option to get really great success. But that is a Timely matter. I am sure you can't wait to master email marketing after already being ready to sale your Products...

    For New Business be bit careful about costing on marketing.


  9. Ryan G

    Ryan G New Member

    freelance jobs

    I agree with Woltech, I think it depends upon the quality of the data and the business. really in email marketing you can't give guarantee that email address that you send is proper or not it might be disabled.
  10. brandlicious

    brandlicious New Member

    Personally, I think the best ways are Google AdWords, SEO and simple business networking.
  11. Mission0ps

    Mission0ps New Member

    So here is my take on How-To market ANY business

    Hi peep's my first post so I picked something that I'm passionate about:rollin
    There are as mentioned above many ways to market you business, this is my personal take.

    Telemarketing marketing - I am sorry to say, I am one of those guys that immediately gets turned off by a cold call looking for my business.

    Adsence! - well with Adword marketing unless you truly understand understand how Google or Yahoo Adwords works you will eat through your budget without seeing any return! many have tried and 99% fail.

    e-mail marketing - that I believe is a true and very useful form of capturing leads. Not the conventional "buy an email list and hit send approach" It's very easy to put an optin form on your website or blog, where people who are interested in your product or service will sign up to receive more information... 100% interested clients no waste of money or time.

    SEO optimised websites - The best form of advertising a business from my experience is having your website up there on the front page of Google, ready for when potential customers or clients search for a product or service online.

    I'm sure we all recognize the Internet is becoming the number one place that people researched for information and services, (Do you look through yellow pages still?) If you have your website optimised for the right keywords marketing your business and capturing new leads is a breeze.

    Hopefully helpful Tony B
  12. BarryFogarty

    BarryFogarty New Member

    SEO and Targeted Ads

    I agree with Tony, the best bang for your buck is to have a well-optimised, clear and simple website, with good content regarding your products and services. If you invest in SEO by making sure the pages are constructed correctly for Google et al to index them, and building links from relevant sites to point back to your own, you will receive a steady stream of visitors. These are folks that actually want your service - they have searched for your keywords in a search engine. Therefore the quality of your visitors is very high. The residual value of a well-optimised site is huge - because the search engines keep sending on visitors with the intent.

    Another option to explore is targeted PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, like Adwords. I don't usually advise Adwords due to the level of competition, but there are a lot of similar, smaller networks. E.G. LinkedIn do targeted PPC ads, and they have a promotion on for $100 in free advertising. This would be great value is your service is B2B. There are various platforms available that may be more suitable depending on your target audience.

    [ Shameless plug removed by Freelance UK; sorry T&Cs! ]
  13. company-data

    company-data New Member

    ++ Self promotion! Sorry deleted by Freelance UK - please read our t&cs on advertising in posts and sigs thank you :) ++
  14. company-data

    company-data New Member

    We are experimenting with facebook advertising which is working well.

    You either have the choice of PPC or CPM.

    You then get to base your campaign on different demographics available on Facebook

    We a currently running a campaign

    Which targets user's interested in marketing etc, aged between 18-60 and lives in and around Cambridge

    Our average CPC is 56p, there is also a free $50 voucher (you should be able to google this) available which you can use without having to register a credit or bank card.

    * PPC = Pay Per Click
    * CPM = Cost per 1k impressions
  15. AAK

    AAK New Member

    Well in my opinion and personal experience:

    1. Email marketing requires a lot of thinking, research and well thought about plan. You cannot just hire a company, get email address and blast your way into inboxes and expect ROI. Companies offering top services could be damn expensive as well. So think about it, you don't want to waste your money on email junk folders.

    2. Postal one could entice people to get online specifically to check your services and that could bring some good unique visitors. Retaining them is another thing.

    3. Search optimization, advertisement on search engines, creating social media profiles on only a few select networks with dedicated work could bring at least some amount of success.

    I tried a method which worked for me by sheer luck. I used to do article marketing for my firm some days back and after doing for at least 4-5 months, they sent a $75 Google adwords free voucher. I utilized it to market our main website for good search terms for "brand awareness". We good traffic from our GEO target without spending anything (except the $5 Google adwords registration charges :).

  16. hubert

    hubert Banned

    Use online marketing techniques like press submission and using social media networks for business promotion.
  17. Axelcary

    Axelcary Banned

    you can try social media sites like facebook, twitter, etc., to market your new business.
  18. links-builder

    links-builder New Member

    Email marketing. No one’s going to remember to return to your Web site to see if you’ve posted new information or updated your products. Give them a compelling reason to subscribe to your email list, however, and you can slip new Web pages into their inboxes at your discretion.
  19. rickypounting

    rickypounting New Member

    Well according to me the best ways available for marketing a new business would be to go for and use email marketing. The reason behind preferring the use of email marketing is that through use of these ways one is able to reach a huge number and clusters of people without spending much effort.

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