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Blogging vs. Podcasting: Which is Best for Building Brands & Followers

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by Yusuf Javed, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. Yusuf Javed

    Yusuf Javed New Member

    Blogging vs. Podcasting: Which is Best for Building Brands & Followers
  2. sofiabelle

    sofiabelle New Member

    Blogging is the best for Building brands & followers.
  3. James Mason

    James Mason New Member

    According to my experience and knowledge blogging is better than podcasting for building brands and followers. Because In blogging you can engage direct audience and tell them your message directly in open words.
  4. FernandoDz

    FernandoDz New Member

    thx for advice bruh
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2021
  5. kerMiche

    kerMiche New Member

    You should pick what your audience likes or use both blogging and podcasting. This way, you'll get more followers.
  6. baileyonline

    baileyonline New Member

    With both blogs and podcasts, customer relationships can be nurtured, knowledge can be validated, brand loyalty is deepened, and leads are generated. However, each method has advantages at the correct place and for the right audience.

    Starting a blog is the most common method of creating and disseminating material. It's easy to understand why.

    All you need is access to the internet and some writing ability. It's as simple to utilise a website editor as it is to tweet or post on Facebook.

    Your podcast host(s) give a human voice to your brand. Podcasts pair a qualified representative from your firm with industry experts to discuss current issues and offer advice, typically with a sense of fun. You can also ask your audience what topics they would like you to discuss and if they have any questions that they would like answered.
  7. Mirko

    Mirko New Member

    The main thing is that there is an asset. It doesn't matter if it's a blog or podcasting. You can delete a lot of blogs, but there will be no benefit or benefit from it. Or you will try one project, and many subscribers will come to us. In this case, it is essential to think everything through. To make it interesting for people. A friend of mine once started hosting podcasts. He decided to buy subscribers. He began to maintain his page actively, and now he has about 30 thousand subscribers. And they are all real people despite the ones he bought.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 18, 2023
  8. Nichelle

    Nichelle New Member

    Blogging is still better simply because more people will see it, and more people will follow. Also, there are much more tools for bloggers that can help get more followers, like 1394TA, and the general “blogging network” of services is way more developed. Podcasting is just developing, and I have not heard about anyone who would use it to promote something. People listen to podcasts that they like, and the number of domains that can be promoted with podcasting is rather small: psychology comes to mind. You can also visit people like Joe Rogan and discuss your book or a project there.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2022
  9. ananniamul

    ananniamul New Member

    I think both marketing methods are important and effective when it comes to building brands and followers. However, what you need to do is to be consistent about creating content and try to ensure good quality.
  10. Malinda Kyle

    Malinda Kyle New Member

    To me, blogging is a good option, follow my blog here
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 30, 2023

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