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Book keeping help

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by felt_tip, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. felt_tip

    felt_tip New Member

    hello everyone, i just found this site and it has already been a massive help to my freelancing career. :happy

    but i wanted to ask if anyone here knows a good way to keep track of your income and outgoings on a computer? i'm a freelance illustrator and although pretty handy on photoshop / illustrator etc i'm at a complete loss with financial software such as excel.

    as it stands i have everything written down in a book which i hand over to my accountant along with receipts etc, but as my career progresses things are getting much more complicated. i'd love to know a way to input all of this data into a simple program whereby i can easily see what payments have been made, totals, plus more importantly who still owes me.

    can anyone help?
  2. bookworm

    bookworm New Member

    Book keeping


    At work I use SAGE accounting which is really good or another one is Microsoft Money (a lot cheaper than SAGE) you can download a free trial with Microsoft Money to see if it suits you.

    Good luck
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  3. stellaturner

    stellaturner New Member

    i think Cashboard is good.
  4. Creative Mischief

    Creative Mischief New Member

    Hi, my accountant set up a simple Excel sheet for me which is a pretty easy way to do it and all you really need to keep track of everything. It works out all the sums for you as well.

    Book keeping is the one of the down sides of freelancing but as long as you keep on top of it in the simplest way it should be OK.
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  5. simonsjdaccountancy

    simonsjdaccountancy New Member

    Download a copy from here:

    Downloads - Accountants UK - SJD Accountancy

    Should be fine for your purposes.

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  6. Ingrid

    Ingrid New Member


    Excel is great if you use a basic template, which you could get set up easily by your accountant, or by a freelance accountant.
    A free accounting software which is quite good is MS Accounting, you can download it for free.

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