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Brand Logos in Fashion Illustration

Discussion in 'Illustrator Forum' started by ClaraGomez, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. ClaraGomez

    ClaraGomez Guest

    Hi there,

    I wonder if anyone can help me.

    I am a fashion illustrator and one of my clients would like me to add the double C Chanel logo in some of the illustrations (mainly in hand bags) but I wonder is this is legal as obviously the logo is copyrighted.

    It would be a reproduction, drawn in my illustration style, by this i mean I would not be using their actual logo, I hope this makes sense.

    I will appreciate any help/advice.

    Many thanks!

  2. Rizzo

    Rizzo New Member

    Are these illustrations going to be used for commercial gain? If so this is my understanding.

    If the logo is recognisable as that belonging to Chanel then you do need to seek permission to use it. Otherwise they're likely to take legal action as you're gaining commercially from using it. Adapting it in some way doesn't change this either (i.e. illustrating it but it's recognisable) as far as I know.

    Intellectual Property Office - Economic rights

    You'll also be infringeing on a trademark registered in 1968 Intellectual Property Office - Trade marks - find by mark text or image

    If it's not for commercial use these are the exceptions to seeking permission Intellectual Property Office - Permitted uses of copyright works

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