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Business Card Design Critque

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by d_pipa, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. d_pipa

    d_pipa New Member


    I came up with a logo for my website and wanted to create business cards.

    Front side: the background will be 100% black and the logo will be a spot UV job.


    Can you advice me which black for the front side's background would be recommended? Would K=100% only be ideal? Or else?

    One more thing, the symbol on the info side means I am Deaf. But most people may not know it, should I take it out?

  2. brendan

    brendan New Member

    I like the idea of using the symbol, it explains why you have used text me instead of call me, I think the symbol is well understood enough by most people for them to get it. I would move it somwhere (possibly top right) where it has a bit more space though, it clashes with the leading edge of the bottom line.
  3. ivoryred

    ivoryred New Member

    Hi Dean, yes 100 = k would be fine for your card. It might help to put a kick of 'rich black' behind the UV area too to make this standout. ie 100k 30c
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2011
  4. tomstuttdesign

    tomstuttdesign New Member

    Hi Dean

    Not bad but I dont like the text on the front site. draws your eye away from your logo. If it was me id take the text away and just have the logo but have it with a spot uv finish. that would look really nice.
  5. dwprint

    dwprint Banned

    Yes the text needs tweaking but I like to see this simple style of card - for me it would need to be printed on extra thick uncoated black/white duplex stock to add some interest - perhaps with the logo debossed with clear gloss foil.
  6. alanpoly

    alanpoly New Member

    The way the symbol idea is used is liked by me as it explain why you have used text instead of calling me ,I thought symbol is well understood by most people for them to get it enough
  7. ilovedesign

    ilovedesign New Member

    I absolutely love the logo! But I will have to say that the text in the front draws way too much from the logo. Maybe change the opacity or general hue of the text?
  8. FreelanceScribbler

    FreelanceScribbler New Member

    I based mine on Patrick Bateman's in American Psycho for fun. Although it's scary how many clients recognise it.
  9. maisonyeah

    maisonyeah New Member

    I agree with the others. Keep only the logo on the 1st side. That is your brand and you want that to stand out. Keep all the information on the other side.

    As another option, you could put the symbol right next to your phone number? But as others have said, most people will understand the sign and also the fact that you have written 'text'.

    @ freelance scribbler: Nice idea! Bit creepy, but smart.
  10. SarahSimpsons

    SarahSimpsons New Member

    I do like it, its abit different. However may I ask if you are going to feature textures on it? I would think that a design like this would work best if you are planning to feature some sort of gloss/matt/printed text on the card itself?
  11. naturalelixirinfo

    naturalelixirinfo New Member

    The business card looks good :)
  12. reddy2011

    reddy2011 New Member

    Better to include images, communication channels and tag line to your business card, which results in creating an attractive business card and success.
  13. Inkz

    Inkz New Member

    Looks nice...

    But the white and pink text to me needs toning down. Maybe just lower the opacity slightly on both.
  14. mary444

    mary444 New Member

    Good Work... But I think that you should make your text more prominent.
  15. freemark

    freemark New Member


    I really like the design on the front of your cards. It is very stylish and the pink works really well with the rest of the design. I would have to agree with reddy2011, images are always good to have as they catch the eye more then text.

  16. mary444

    mary444 New Member

    Really like your design. Keep it up!
  17. mary444

    mary444 New Member

    Good Logo, I really like that!
  18. bubs

    bubs New Member

    I think you could do with looping over the top parts of the 'm' section a bit more, at the moment it could be misread as just "ill247"
  19. mary444

    mary444 New Member

    Loving this design. I really like them all!
  20. tomhardy

    tomhardy New Member

    This is one of the good example of Business Card Design.I personally like this design this is very simple.

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