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CAD work advice

Discussion in 'CAD Forum' started by thicks56, May 31, 2014.

  1. thicks56

    thicks56 New Member

    This post had no luck in the general forum im hoping it might get a reply here.

    I currently work as a CAD designer in a job that I love but i'm looking to do abit more design work outside of my full time job.

    The problem i'm not sure how to go about it,
    I cant go into full time subcontracting because all my work hours would be outside normal working hours, so I would have difficulty having regular contact/updates with customers.

    Are there companies that employ CAD designers to complete work outside of normal hours and handle the customer liaison aspect of designing?
    Is there any other way to get round this?

    Thank you in advance for any advice,
  2. threelancer

    threelancer Member

    It depends on the clients that you have I think. Some bigger projects are more demanding and a client may expect instant responses. You need to lay this out to prospective clients up front and the timescales. As long as you meet timescales it should be ok. Try adding your details to freelance alliance on this site or the other freelancing websites.
  3. threelancer

    threelancer Member

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