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camera advice

Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by garethm566, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. garethm566

    garethm566 New Member

    i have recently bought a second hand olympus E500 because thats all i could afford to buy before i start my part time course,i just want to know if the olympus E500 is a good camera or if its no use at all
  2. photodiva

    photodiva New Member

  3. Matt Hunt

    Matt Hunt New Member


    A little late in the day (this reply) but if you're still worried....

    If you are looking to learn then the most important thing is that the camera allows you to easily take control. This lets you understand the impact of changing aperture, shutter speed, white balance etc and lets you do it easily. You won't experiment if changing settings is too hard.

    Right now I would not worry about dynamic range, AF speed, frames per second, weather proofing...do that when you've decided what kind of photography you will be doing.


  4. JAW

    JAW New Member

  5. thomas206

    thomas206 New Member

  6. philipsteele

    philipsteele New Member

    The Olympus E500 is an entry level, consumer quality camera.

    Both can make excellent photographs. Both are well thought out and have good features.

    The 30D will be heavier, have more professionally oriented features and capabilities, be faster and have a better viewfinder. It will have better image quality at ISO 800-1600. it will cost quite a bit more.

    The Olympus E-1 is the model comparable to the 30D in the Olympus line. It may only be 5Mpixel, but it is a very high quality, professionally oriented camera.
    your choice of buying the camera is very good..
  7. taklamakan

    taklamakan New Member


    I would not recommend Olympus to anyone. My father is a professional photographer and he always says Canon is the best company (he has Canon eos 7d & Canon eos 5d Mark 2). Me personally got Canon d1000 and even its a basic DSLR it is still great in shooting.

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