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Can anyone recommend an easy to build web package?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by cat26, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. cat26

    cat26 New Member


    I have just started off as a freelance marketing consultant, have bought my domain name and now need a simple (5 page) website to include my details, testimonials and live twitter/linkedin feed's as well as a blog.

    Someone has recommended Mr Site (templates and built in simple CMS), which looks cheap at the beginning and you then pay per year for support etc.

    Or do you think I should just learn the basics: dreamweaver/fireworks etc

    Any help/advice please?
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  2. brandlicious

    brandlicious New Member

    Moonfruit offers fairly interesting capabilities. Obviously, it is great to learn new skills and even range of your services will be more attractive, so yeah go for it and learn some skills. The question is whether or not you do want to spend time learning PHP etc. or just get a crack on the marketing bit, get the site done and focus on bringing traffic onto it.

    Free Website Builder - Moonfruit - Beautiful websites, simply
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  3. catriona

    catriona New Member

    The hPage Website Builder is a good option if you are just a beginner in creating websites and no coding knowledge is necessary as well. With hPage, you don't really need to learn the technicalities of creating a website and you can just pick out a template and easily plug in features and write your content. You can create a website for free but there's also a paid package which is very affordable for additional features, custom domain, and business email.

    Check them out: https://www.hpage.com
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