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Can't Get an embedded video to loop

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by mypyrex, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. mypyrex

    mypyrex New Member

    Hello, I'm new on here and I hope somebody can help me. I'm using HTML4 to create a web site which I want to include a short slide show which I've created as a .wmv file. I've put the following in:

    <embed src="evertrex001_0001.wmv" autostart="true" loop="true" width="600" height="400"
    vspace="10" hspace="20" align-"left" />

    <a href="evertrex001_0001.wmv">
    <img src="evertrex001_0001.jpg" border="0" align="left" width="600" height="400" vspace="10" hspace="20"/>

    The slideshow runs ok but does not loop back to the beginning. Does anyone know what's wrong?

  2. mypyrex

    mypyrex New Member

    Bump. HELP please.

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