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Discussion in 'Time Out' started by glebe digital, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. glebe digital

    glebe digital Member

  2. administrator

    administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Hey @glebe digital - you still here mate? The forum has been left to its own devices for a year or five! We are doing well with a redesign of the main site and hope to have that live soon. How you liking the new forum? Work and life treating you well I hope... Weren't you up in the Shetlands?
  3. glebe digital

    glebe digital Member

    Hey there Admin, yeah it's still on my 'regular round' for catching up on the latest tax news and such......look forward to seeing the new site, with time I'm sure the forum will become busier. Yep I'm up in the Orkney Islands, but from Kent originally.

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