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cheap reliable web hosting with online payment package

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by sdagger, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. sdagger

    sdagger New Member

    I am new to posting questions on forums so please correct me if i'm starting off on the wrong foot.

    I am an experienced web developer in the UK, but I am not familiar with creating sites that cater for online credit transactions. As am I now developing my first ecommerce site. I am looking for a cheap respectable ISP to host a website and also provide me with the ability to accept online payments via credit card. I am wanting to find an ISP that will provide both services in one cheap package if possible (also must accept microsoft technologies such as Access, SQL Server and ASP coding). Can anybody recommend a good ISP that offers both services?

    I am not sure if this is also related but I am also creating a site for a restaurant where the credit card details are taken and checked for authenticity when a user makes an online booking. This is to secure a booking only (incase of false bookings) but not charge them. The restaurant will not want to make the transaction until the customer has visited the establishment and used the service.

    Any help or advice will be most appreciated.

    Thank you once again.
  2. chubba

    chubba New Member

    Hi Sdagger,

    I am web dev too but never done any online payment stuff but have used a fir number of hosts!

    1 and 1 do an online payment package, click their "EShops" link in the top nav, would post a link but they use stupid session ID in URL's. Incompetent fools.

    The stability of 1 and 1 is usually pretty good but as they are shared servers it really depends who else is on the box with you. Their customer service sucks ass to be blunt but if you are looking to go cheap then quality of service is usually the first thing to suffer. You get what you pay for!!

    If you are racking up the clients then why not rent your own dedicated or managed server? Resell the hosting to the clients and you will cover costs eventually plus as it is your box you can install and configure it however you like.

    If you have your own server or want to ake payment on shared hosting then you will need your client to get a merchant account and source an online payment provider to handle the transactions.

    If you take the credit card yourslef you will need your own secure certificate and things get more complex. I am sure you would be able to bounce a card through to verify it without raising a charge with some development work.

    There are lots of payment proividers and merchant accounts out there so it does get a bit confusing so good luck ;)
  3. johnnyrules

    johnnyrules New Member

    Try Shopify

    You'll need a merchant account to process your orders, i'd go with Paypal.

    1and1 is also an option but be aware you'll need their most expensive package to have hands on control of your templates - im still awaiting my refund actually.

    Shopify is magnificent tool though!

    Other then that you could try Zen Cart which supports Paypal
  4. I use erbhosting they are great, especially for my clients who are based around Bradford web designing sites using ecommerce are fraught especially with the elderly generation. People are sometimes concerned of fraud or giving there details over the net. Paypal you need to be registered, so may exclude some diners. Integrated payment system is not cheap. But if you have a side line of say a takeaway for your restaurant as well then it is worth investing in. Personally for that I would collate there name and address dets with tel no for reservations. Secure https will set you back around 150 pounds a year.

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