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childrens books?

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by simple_touch, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. simple_touch

    simple_touch New Member

    hi my name is uel and i have just qualified as a graphics designer! ive been thinkin of alot of ideas to get me started but im stuck on were to get noticed and where to sell my work!
    i have illustrated characters for a childrens book that i want to produce but where would i sell it and whats the best way to publish my piece? it consists of 12 books including 24pages

    plus i want to be a freelance designer but im not sure on what steps to take!

    it would be a great help to get some clearance on this situation thanks uel!
  2. SimplePrices

    SimplePrices New Member

    Good evening

    Arite ther mate, well i can give you pointers how to make money of your books and characters. Also i can provide you with regular work on freelance basis, depending on your charges.. email me back if you are intrested.

  3. workinprogress

    workinprogress New Member


    I am a freelance graphic designer, when I havent got any work in I illustrate for stock photography sites (they do illustrations and video these days) and it provides a good monthly income. The illustrations dont have to be complex, just stock worthy and I have found people also contact me for more detailed bespoke work. Hope this helps.

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