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Clients & content delays

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by dilby, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. dilby

    dilby New Member

    Hi all - been a while but have a situation I'd really appreciate some feedback on. I recently put together an informal proposal for quite a large site with a client I’ve worked previously with. In the proposal I stressed the importance of good visual content as it’s the kind of project that needs it, and steered them towards using myself and another guy to do some video & photography, as we’ve done for a few of their sister companies. Another reason for this is they do have an internal person who does video/photography but they’re incredibly slow and my last project for this company was delayed 18 months while they got a single video to me. So of course I sent off the proposal and they’ve come back and said they want me to do the site, but will get the video done in house, adding ‘time isn’t too important on this one’.

    So I’d really like to know how some of you folks would handle this. I’d love to tell them to get back to me when they have all the content, however that risks not ever getting the project, whereas at least now I can get them to sign on, and take a deposit. I could also put a clause in the contract where final payment is required at a certain time whether or not the content has been submitted, but I’m not sure how common that practice is. It really just has the potential to go on and on.

    I also know the visuals they provide will be terrible, and therefore am tempted to offer to shoot for cheap but I realise that’s not too fair on myself.

    Help appreciated!

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