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Clients that don't pay

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by girlywirly1997, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. girlywirly1997

    girlywirly1997 New Member

    Hi all,

    Need some advice. I've got a client who is ignoring all forms of communication with me and am not sure how to go about getting paid for the work i've done.

    The client only has low res versions of what I've designed, but I fulfilled my part of the job by coming up with some designs.

    I have an acceptance of order form (signed) by the client and have even sent them a copy of my t&c's. Is the next step to take legal action, if they don't pay up?
  2. adam_randell

    adam_randell New Member

    yep. go to your local court, get a small claims form and fill it out (you will need his full name and address). When he gets his part through the post he should pay up! if he doesnt, then it will go to court and if (you should) you win, he will be billed for court expenses and he will have to pay you. this is a CCJ, and if he still does not pay you can either doc his wages (again, a court matter) or get the bailiffs in. theres many ways to get your payment
  3. girlywirly1997

    girlywirly1997 New Member

    Thank you for your help Adam.
  4. JREAM

    JREAM New Member

    This is going to happen a lot, always take 50% down and never give them more than they can rip off :p
  5. MikeHarwood

    MikeHarwood New Member

    Deffo make a small claim through the court - shouldn't cost you anything, and as you have a PO there should be no problem getting paid.

    Also make a deposit request as part of your terms, it proves commitment to you and your work, whether you ask for 50% or the minimium 25% on 1st stage with further stage payments as a project continues is up to you but a deposit is a MUST!

  6. Rob

    Rob New Member

    I have a similar problem. Although my client hasn't signed anything! he has however used the low rez images to promote himself as I have seen him using them on facebook (to which you have to state you own full rights to use the images to upload them) and he hasn't replied to any emails in a few months now!

    the other problem is he is in Canada. however I never gave him the rights to use my artwork and he is using it! so whats the best thing to do?
  7. stellaturner

    stellaturner New Member

    I think this is the only option left. But as i am also working as a freelancer its is always good to do a freelance job from a secure resource or a platform.:)
  8. FSR596

    FSR596 New Member

    Here you go:


    No need to go to court - all done online. Was very impressed with the speed and efficiency. Fully recovered money owed to me by dishonest ebay seller after paypal deadline expired (that is few months after 60 days). All you need to know is full name and address of the company or individual as claim gets posted for signature to them. Then you wait for them to respond to the claim (i think 2 weeks) and if they choose to ignore you escalate the claim (all via website). Then courts sends a bailiff to recover your money. Most importantly you pay fees (£25 for the claim, £50 for bailiff IIRC) but they collect your debt + all fees + interest for the time since they owed you your money... Anywho, very good experience and all via The Almighty Internet. Good luck!
  9. Webricate

    Webricate New Member

    Thanks FSR596,
    I have just spend £100 on 4 claims. Was not aware of that and its been year people have not paid me like £300, £140, £400 and one of them has to pay me £120.
    Do I need to send any proof along with this as I have all email and documents correspondence with them.
    Many Thanks
  10. choloapolo

    choloapolo New Member

    I am starting doing some freelance work and wondered if you could email me a template for the order form and the terms & conditions.
    I have no idea where to begin with either of them, any help would be much appreciated.

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