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Collaboration Perhaps?

Discussion in 'Copywriting Forum' started by KevinCopperCopy, May 10, 2019.

  1. KevinCopperCopy

    KevinCopperCopy New Member

    Hi there,

    I'm new to the forum. Been poking round a few threads and articles and think this website is very useful for someone like me. However the Copywriting section seems a bit stagnant. Most recent thread before this one was January and the one at the top of the list is from 2013??

    Makes me think that either there aren't many active copywriters visiting the site, or that 'our types' are more the readers of forums than the contributors - which would be strange considering what we do for a living!

    I thought I would start a new thread to see who is active currently, with a view to maybe collaborating on projects should the work require it. I'm always keen to learn from others too, I find it is the best way to fill knowledge gaps.

    So a little about me then. I'm Kevin, I've worked in the UK legal sector for 15 years moving to legal from an engineering background. I freelanced for a while as a sole trader and got in a muddle with tax (think I ended up paying too much) so I incorporated as a limited company to keep finances in line and separate.

    I am meticulous with my underpinning research for writing projects and I have recently been certified in the use of SEO tools. The wonderful world of keywords, backlinks, organic -versus- paid traffic from search engines and all the complexity that goes along with it. My angle now is content creation that is readable for the human while delighting Big G with my technical ability.

    I’m interested in helping companies meet the requirements of their marketing strategy with the power of SEO in written content.


    So, are you an active copywriter on this forum? if so, tell me a bit about yourself and how you go about creating great content for your clients. I’m interested in your types of target audience and any specialties you have.

    Look forward to meeting you!
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  2. KevinCopperCopy

    KevinCopperCopy New Member

    Nobody wants to talk eh?
    I get it, we're all very busy writing for our clients so can't waste time and keystrokes on forums.
    I'm in the fortunate (?) position of having finished my week's work so come here looking for excuses not to start a new blog post for my own website. For the longest time I avoided doing my own blog as I though it looked bad - a copywriter with time enough to write for themselves? just seemed to suggest I wasn't busy enough rather than how productive I can be.

    Anyway, since nobody seems to want to take the job of distracting me I guess I better get back to it. Content ain't going to create itself.

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