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Considering Freelance at some point in the future, any advice?

Discussion in 'Business and Contracts' started by Thomas Gamble, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Thomas Gamble

    Thomas Gamble New Member

    Hi all,

    I've recently considered entering the world of freelance. I'm an animator who hasn't graduated for too long, and I just wondered if you guys could help point me in the direction of any good guides, courses (free preferably) or just give any personal advice that would help with starting your own business.

    Many thanks!

    P.S I wasn't sure where to post this, so apologies if it's in the wrong category!
  2. Mark Lyons

    Mark Lyons Member

    Freelancing is the best career option according to me. My personal advice for you is always start work after sign documents online with the client. Never think you are your own boss because your every new client is your boss. To start your career make strong portfolio and you should have your WordPress website. It gives you lot of benefit. You can add some useful WordPress Plugin like gravity forms and ninja forms. You can collect information via these forms. these are easy to use. Your online presence is also important. For now it's enough to start. If you have any further question you can ask.
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  3. Dougmorrison

    Dougmorrison Member

    In addition to what Mark has said I would recommend Wordpress but use Contact Form 7 to collect info. It's free and with some edits it's really great.
  4. gregH

    gregH New Member

    Hi! I was starting myself not such a long time ago and I didn't have technical support. I was using youtube to learn new things but in some point it's not enough.

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  5. Dougmorrison

    Dougmorrison Member

    You need to make that you are very organised including with your money as I am sure that HMRC will want to see your books at some point.

    Spreadsheets on Excel are how I keep myself organised.
  6. Lupita

    Lupita Member

    My quick and dirty tips (practical ones, not techie ones like the golden nuggets above):
    -Build contacts and networks of useful people BEFORE freelancing (just make sure you are contractually free to use/approach these contacts once you become freelance)
    -Get used to working on your own -- do a few trial runs of you working alone, in different places to get a feel for how you'll fare and where/when you're most productive
    -Get a numbers person/book-keeper (company sec if you're going 'Ltd') lined up, so that in the initial weeks/months of freelancing you'll be able to concentrate on working/supplying/running your business, not admin, tax and paperwork.
    -Arrange a few times when you're NOT going to be working in between your working hours and make sure these aren't moveable or that you largely stick to them. Breaks are crucial to being productive and can drastically cut brain-freeze, writer's block. Oh and eat too.
    -Use one or two of those breaks to socialise or chat on the phone; having contact with someone else, as if you were in an office, is helpful in the early days of 'going it alone,' esp if you've only ever been a permie. Can be refreshing and give you fresh perspective on your work/what you're doing. Chatting informally also gets you used to conversation, pleasantries and quips that you'll need to use when your client phones. (N.B. I say, above, 'as if you were an office' - well you MUST be in YOUR OWN office; a serious working environment -- even if your work is fun -- is prob the most vital foundation. Freelancing at the end of your bed is not sustainable!)
    -Get friends and family on board with your freelance career. Having them know your working hours and giving them a sense of how 'involved' your work is can turn them from potential distracters and detractors into a valuable support system!
    Good luck :)

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