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Contemporary Logos & UK logo Design Scenario

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by Jonathan Hue, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Jonathan Hue

    Jonathan Hue New Member

    Contemporary Logos – UK Logo Design

    Contemporary logo design is one of the most brilliant areas in graphic design. A contemporary logo is at the heart of an excellent business identity. It is the visage of an organization. An excellent contemporary logo design can be a strong marketing tool. A stylish, elegant logo conveys the message that a company is credible and professional. A contemporary logo should attract attention, evoke a good feeling and create a look that attracts clients.
    A business seeking a logo should first choose the elements needed to present the story of the business' image. There are four key image elements, they are:

    • Veracity
    • Worth
    • Management
    • Novelty

    A contemporary logo should give customers instant recognition of the brand; it is a way of developing clientele. An excellent logo catches the eye and makes the observer inquisitive, even if for a short moment. An image of the company should permeate the mind rather than filtering out with the million other daily images.

    For business in UK, logo design firm like LogoGuruUK, also known as the "IMAGE BUILDERS", is associated for the life of the business it represents. This graphic communicator will send a silent message to the consumer about the organization, its products and services. The design of a logo should be thought about seriously during the development of the company's business plan. The logo creates a particular sense about a product, service or a company in the mind of a consumer. A contemporary logo theme positions a product or service to attract a target market.

    Make certain your logo appears on every communication you send out and is inscribed on all forms of stationery. It should also look attractive on briefcases and presentation folders.
  2. Lupita

    Lupita Member

    Hiya JH,

    If you're still about can you let me know so we can PM each other.

    I'm interested in the linked company. I e-mailed them for info, with specific questions and a semi-brief of what my company is after in terms of a logo design.

    Is the service US-based? I received a courteous but almost generic and automated response, which failed to respond to my brief and the questions I put forward! :rolleyes:

    I'll reply as there was a human being's name at the btm, but I'd rather 'do business' with a UK-based logo designer, esp. one that is freelance and prides themself on the 'personal touch' intrinsic to smaller businesses. Just a pref of mine, oh, and for the good of UK freelancing, I'd also like to give my business to a UK-based individual. :D

    Cheers lots,

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