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Copy Writing & SEO

Discussion in 'Copywriting Forum' started by Jonathan Hue, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. jessimartin

    jessimartin New Member


    SEO copywriting means .The technique of writing the copy of a website so that it flows and reads well for a page viewer and features selected keywords and phrases that the site owner wants optimized so that the site ranks well for those terms.:laugh2
  2. nrv0us

    nrv0us New Member

    Writing for humans vs. writing for machines

    Seems like the SEO battle involves weighing the importance of one's writing being noticed by the Google readers with the importance of connecting with actual people. Too much emphasis on either end of the spectrum might be bad, but it seems to me that it is better to err on the side of reaching people. Better to write to other humans with an eye on not forgetting how Google works than to cleverly cram one's copy with keywords.

    I'd be interested to see people's links to poorly written but Google-friendly sites that illustrate this point.
  3. FreelanceScribbler

    FreelanceScribbler New Member

    It's simple.
    You optimise the title of your article around your target keywords, in the same way you would optimise a title tag.

    Then you optimise the first paragraph of your article around your target keywords, in the same way you would optimise a meta description.

    Then you just get on and write the rest of your article... and include a couple of anchor text links around your target keywords, probably linking to pages you want to rank higher for those target keywords.

    Simples! :banana
  4. Victim

    Victim New Member

    Actually, I don't have any idea what is SEO, but I do write articles sometimes for my friends. Do you think I have the potential to become an SEO in the future? How can I use my talent to earn money quickly?

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