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CopyRight Issues

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Lou08, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Lou08

    Lou08 Banned

    Hi, I've been working as a freelance assistant and photographer for about three years now, for a company specialising in architectural photography. They have some big name clients on their books such as a well known burger chain and many high end estate agents.

    I am being paid a day rate for shooting and a cheaper day rate for assisting which I'm happy with. There was no discussion when I started freelancing for them on copyright etc and I signed nothing either. I just invoice them each month for work done be it, assisting or shooting.

    To begin with the owner of the business said I could use the work I'd shot for my portfolio and possible website. As he does. But just recently he has said I can not use these images as they are not mine to use. (he has actually used one of the high end houses I've shot for his new website)

    I used my own equipment that I paid for, I didn't edit the work as this was done by their editor in their office.

    Can anyone offer me any advise on copyright and if I can use these images to further my career.

    Many thanks Lou
  2. You would be best speaking to someone who has Intellectual Property and Copyright law experience.

    In theory you would own copyright of the photos, but as there is no agreement on paper as to what happens once a clients pays for and edits those photos, you need to speak to a specialist about your situation.
  3. Lupita

    Lupita Member

  4. swissjoel

    swissjoel New Member

    Who Owns The Photograph? Copyright law & how clients/photographers are often confused

    I feel this is an often overlooked subject, as clients and photographers often get confused by intellectual property and copyright law. I've written an interesting scenario that explains the law to help clear up this tricky subject. (Link below)

    Joel Knight Photography | Architectural Photographer and then go to the page, "who owns the image?" under home page.

    We as a community need to raise awareness and spread this knowledge.

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