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Copywriting etiquette....

Discussion in 'Copywriting Forum' started by thetopcopy, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. thetopcopy

    thetopcopy New Member

    I'd be grateful for thoughts on the following situation:

    90% of my work is direct for the end client, but a small amount is through a design agency who get me involved whenever they feel that the supplied copy needs a rewrite. I invoice the agency at discounted rates, they add a margin and invoice the client. They are happy for me to liaise with the client direct during the project.

    I recently wrote copy for a magazine advert. The client have since emailed me direct asking me to rewrite their website copy. Now, I would assume that the agency has the right to ask that any future work I do for this client goes through them, as they initially referred me. However, on the other hand, this is a brand new project that is not linked to design, and we never discussed this eventuality.

    It's a situation I've rarely come across, and I'd be grateful to know what others would do!
  2. Chezjoie

    Chezjoie New Member

    Copywriting etiquette

    We recently had a similar situation, except we were no longer working with the original marketing company in question. The company were using a different freelance copywriter, but the client knew me, liked my work and didn't want to start again with someone new.

    We made the client aware of the situation and he approached the marketing company. They were happy for me to work direct with him.

    I suggest you contact the agency concerned and if necessary, negotiate some sort of reduced 'finders' fee' with them. You don't want to upset them, nor do you want to upset the client.
  3. Dcmtr

    Dcmtr New Member

    As it's web copy, I don't see why the design agency would have any reason to object, as they don't have anything to contribute in this scenario. They don't own you.

    If it was a print publication and the client commissioned that design agency or another to do the layout, and you separately to write the copy, then the designers might have grounds to feel cheated, as the alternative would have been for them to offer, as they had previously, a handy complete package.

    That's how it seems to me anyway.
  4. Localweb

    Localweb New Member


    Did they have you sign a non compete agreement?
  5. LeeCole

    LeeCole New Member

    I would just call the company you got the original contact from and ask them. I'm a copywriter, and design firms are like golden geese to me. Although I charge them 25% less than a direct client, my goal is to create a stream of ongoing work from them. So, it's definitely worth the discount. Think of it in ROI terms. How much money would you spend getting the extra work a design firm could send you? In other words, I treat these folks with kid gloves.
  6. rickypounting

    rickypounting New Member

    Seems to be a great way, thanks a lot for quoting the solution. I will be trying this out. Thanks for the help....

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