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Cross Browser Compliance

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by MickeyFinn, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Hi All,

    Struggling with a punter over cross browser compliance. They say the site I built does not look as the photoshop layout. I have explained that they are using a very old browser (Netscape 4 can you believe!) but they are reluctant to change. I have explained that I am not prepared to lower my standards compliant layout and will make sure I add this to contracts beforehand now...

    So what is the lowest browser you look to accomodate and what platforms do you check when makin sites? I have laptop here with IE6 anf FF 1.5 and find it hard to check on more without hassling friends :(
  2. notepad

    notepad New Member

    I use IE 5 something, IE 7, Firefox, Opera 9 & 4, the latest Netscape and Lynx (a text browser). These are spread across 2 machines, one elderly win 95 and one newish XP pro.

    Get the latest Opera at least, and maybe a really old one (one of the 3's perhaps).
  3. chubba

    chubba New Member

    Must say the more you test in the better but percentages are so low for Opera that I can never be arsed.

    If you want to test a lot of configs and have a beefyish PC then you might like VMWare - you can run multiple operating systems on your PC, allowing you to have XP with IE6, XP with IE7, linux versions and also Intel Mac OSX if you have a fairly recent processor and a copy of Intel OSX...

    As for the lowest I will configure for I like things to be visible but not necessarily pretty in IE5 and Netscape 6. As long as all is cool in IE6, IE7, Firefox and Safari then I am a happy bunny.

    Testing in Lynx is not a bad idea though, if you can navigate round in that then you will have fewer issues than if not.

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