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Designer needs web help!

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by biglight, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. biglight

    biglight New Member

    Hello All,

    I have recently purchased the domain name for my freelance work www.biglightstudio.co.uk I have managed to upload an index page [dull and simple] and am now completely stuck on what to do next.
    I have lots of work I want to put on the site [portfolio wise] but I think I may have bought the wrong kind, very low storage etc. Is it possible to switch between web hosters? I have seen some good sites mentioned on here already.

    Sorry for the garbled nature of the query but I am clueless about this. I can sort the design it's just the technical stuff i'm unsure of.

    Please help. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    How much storage do you have? Bear in mind that there is no point uploading massive images - 500Kb for full size images would probably still be too big - and you will get an idea as to how much you can fit on there.

    How much space does your hosting package allow?

    Easiest thing to do is get all the images you want - make one copy of each at about 800 pixels by 650 pixels (or whatever depending on aspect ratio) and then also make a smaller copy of each - maybe 250 x whatever - and then make a gallery page. Use the small image (often known as a thumbnail) to make the gallery page and then use something like this (we use it on the freelance alliance directory e.g. Michael Cowell: Freelance Illustrator Freelance UK to show the thumbnails but the images open in a "lightbox).

    The lightbox is a free application:
    Lightbox 2.03 released | Lokesh Dhakar

    Very easy to use, read the manual and feel free to shout if you have any questions.

    This is just a JavaScript application so no worries about what programming languages or databases you have on your hosting package.
  3. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Sorry, forgot to say - should be easy to change hosts. If you followed the guide we wrote How to register a domain name :: Freelance UK then it would make changing hosts a lot simpler. The best advice is to register with a domain host and then when you take out a hosting package all you need to do is change the A (web) and MX (mail) records to point to the new host. Always leaves you in control of the domain this way. When you register with a cheaper host they can sometimes do nasty things like charging you for moving a domain etc. Best thing to do is let us know how much space and data transfer your package allows and if you run out of space or start getting poor service then look to change.
  4. biglight

    biglight New Member

    OK great - thanks for the advice.

    I registered with Hostroute a few months ago, I have 10MB of storage. It was very cheap but I was more interested in securing the domain name than the package at the time. Now I have the time/money spare to develop the site i am beginning to think it was a bad idea.

    I have little idea of how to even alter the page I have. Think i'm stuck. In very simple terms what can I do now? Should I get someone to sort it for me? Would it be expensive??

    Thanks again.
  5. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    10MB is not a huge amount of space if you want to show off an extensive portfolio but you may get away with it!

    If you are not a web designer then I would recommend leaving it to someone who knows what they are doing as web design and graphic design are fairly different.

    Why not have a look through the web designers directory and send a few messages to fellow freelancers. Most people will quote for free.

    Put a plan together of what pages you want on the site as this will give a web designer an idea of how to lay out the page plus give an idea of the time / cost for making the whole site. Once they have made a layout you like then they can make the site and upload it for you.

    In regards to hostroute I would send a support ticket to say you want to move the domain to another host and how to do this and they will let you know.
  6. biglight

    biglight New Member

    Cheers Mickey.

    I've sent the message, and will see what they say. Any suggestions re who to switch to??
  7. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Well done.

    Not sure who to recommend for hosting as do my own here. Easily were always pretty good in the past, 1 and 1 are pretty good as well value for money wise. Main thing is as I said in the article. If you take your domain to Easily or 123-Reg you have control over where your domain points so you can take out hosting packages anywhere and do not have to worry about your domain being held to ransom, just change your A and MX records (new hosts will give you the IP address and server names for these) and you can point your domain at a new service in minutes.
  8. biglight

    biglight New Member

    I've heard nothing back from hostroute!

    So I tried .... as a web building virgin and upload the graphic i've designed as better home page through the hostroute web builder, but no matter what I do ... it won't upload the files so I can insert them on the index page!!

    Please help. I'm sure with an experts help I can nail his.

    Thanks in advance|!
  9. Mellow Media

    Mellow Media New Member

    Free Web hosting

    There are a few companies who offer free hosting:
    Heart Internet -they dont charge to transfer .co.uk and Virtual Free Servers offer free hosting on a lottery basis, unless you buy a domain.

    I guess you are in the UK, so pick up a copy of .net and browse the ad pages there.
  10. galfriday

    galfriday New Member


    What are you using to upload to the server? Is it a direct connection through the web builder on the server itself? You might be better off trying to upload using FTP software directly, you should be able to upload all your images then, and keep track of the paths, etc.
  11. gononny

    gononny New Member

    hi gemma, i have sent you an email on your email address mentioned on your website...if you are still interested in the best hosting and website design with free goodies than give me a shout...

  12. das2565

    das2565 New Member

  13. The Moose

    The Moose New Member

    Hi there

    Can you please send me a PM about this and the hosting??!!

    Oh, and doesn't the free version of CoffeeCup add a link back to their site to the bottom of every page?!?!

    Filezilla Client is the FTP program of choice for me! (Free too!!)

    The Moose
  14. das2565

    das2565 New Member



    No it is only an FTP application, there is no backlinking involved.


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