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Did all the Flash developers become FEDs?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by Louis Cox, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Louis Cox

    Louis Cox New Member

    Back in the old days if you wanted a website with more than just text and images, Flash ( love it or hate it ) made life simple, it was either AS or Flash. If you needed it, it wasn't much of a job to search for people to do it. Everyone knew where they were.

    Flash was of course hated ( which I can understand ), an inevitably the backlash came. Apple stuck the final nail in the coffin, and a lot of companies didn't need prompting to go for the zero option, using minimal, highly GD, flat websites. No animation, no motion, WYSIWYG stuff. Made life simple for them, just GDs and FEDs to hire.

    Now minimal is out, and sexy is back in. We have a panoply of JS based libraries and helpers, and websites are starting to take us back to where we once were with Flash, just without a plugin controlled by one company - great news then. But where did those original flash coders go? FED or Graphics? What do they call themselves now? Are companies expecting GDs to know this stuff? or FEDs to know it, along with millions of other things they have to do?

    Ive seen the job titles ( freelance and FT ) labeled as simply as Web designer, not very helpful as that encompasses a load of stuff, Rich Media designer - this is rare but accurate I guess, Motion Graphics although this again is not helpful as it often refers to 3D stuff. Banner designers are a big area for motion HTML5 stuff, but thats very limited for someone thats looking to make websites. I read Web Designer magazine recently and it referred to Hybrid designers - but Ive never seen this referred to anywhere other than articles...

    Im interested in peoples experiences?

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