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Digital Marketing PPC

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by Hammad Websolutes, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Hammad Websolutes

    Hammad Websolutes New Member

    What is PPC ? and what is the link of PPC with SEO?
  2. Anish

    Anish New Member

    PPC is different as in relation to SEO but PPC can generate traffic based on the website on general saying its pay per click
    those are the adds that run on google adwords by choosing the right action you can generally create a PPC campaign its less time-consuming in relation with SEO but the conversion rate varies in between 30-40 % from the add spent or add budget it totally depends on the highest bid of keywords to rank you on google or bing if you are seeking for a company who can look after your PPC campaign or generate one for you can visit our website
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  3. Marry Smith

    Marry Smith New Member

    Hello, My question is from anish that if we are choosing any kw from kw planner and we want to run ppc campaign so we need to have article of that kw on our website??
  4. KevinCopperCopy

    KevinCopperCopy New Member

    PPC stand for Pay Per Click. Essentially, you pay the search engine a fee when someone clicks on your link. The search engine then puts the link to your website in a prominent place on relevant searches. These paid links are termed 'Ads' and for Google you run it through Adwords. When you perform a Google search you may have seen search results with 'Ad' next to them enclosed in a little box. This is a paid result and the website behind that link will pay Google if you click on it.

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Paid search can factor into SEO too, but when we talk about SEO, we are essentially talking about organic search. This means getting on the SERP (search engine results page) without paying for it. SEO is a scientific/mathematical discipline that is ever-changing in line with Google's developments.
    One way to achieve good organic results is to have optimised written content on your website that targets specific keywords. A blog is great as you can write articles on all sorts of different topics to keep it interesting for the human reader, while repeating the underpinning SEO concepts to really dominate the SERPs.

    I specialise in optimised written content so feel free to message me with any questions.

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