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Draw Horror Illustrations And Horror Concepts

Discussion in 'Illustrator Forum' started by waynezart, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. waynezart

    waynezart New Member

    I have started a freelance illustration for specific horror skulls and other horror illustrations I draw traditionally. This is a relatively new creative venture and I've received a few orders so far. The idea is I will draw horror skulls concept design or other horror creations and concepts with black ink pens and then colour the drawing as an added extra.

    You can see more information on this work here - Drawing Horror Skull Concepts
  2. waynezart

    waynezart New Member

    I intend for the following posts on this topic to relay some tips of what I've learned so far and continue to learn as I go along, if anyone is interested.

    There is money to be made with your artistic passion, but I think you have to have a proactive approach and a plan set in place.

    The first tip I learnt about Fiverr is that if you upload a video on your Gig that sort of introduces what you have to offer as a Freelancing Artist, then you seem to get more internal traffic from the site itself and also adding good quality photos of your art with a detailed description of what artwork you offer.

    Of course, early on with the site you do seem to get random messages from people asking you to draw something else that you haven't mentioned in your Gig description and you yourself must make it clear to customers what you can and cannot draw. And it is best if you highlight a statement in your Profile that states that any potential customers must message you first before they order, so that you are able to carry out the work.

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