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E-commerce telesales contract

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by eco2g, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. eco2g

    eco2g New Member

    My company are launching an e-commerce business from 1st July but have commenced a sales campaign already with the view to generating volumes of leads for our B2B product. We are looking for competitively priced Telemarketers to join us for a short term contracts of 10 to 20 hours per week with a view to extending to a long term relationship.

    We will provide the contacts, product handbooks and a simple sales process to follow. You provide your skills, enthusiasm and professionalism.

    Please reply via Private Message or e-mail eco2g@yahoo.com. I am particularly keen to understand your availability to commence a contract, your ideal hours per week and your pricing.

    Many thanks
  2. nicola jane

    nicola jane New Member

    Telesales contract


    I would be grateful if you would like to PM me with a more detailed breakdown of this campaign including results of previous campaign, achievable commission available, the target market and the actual product.

    I am currently selecting companies to work with on a business contract or self-employed basis and would like to hear more about your proposition.

  3. aaron-123

    aaron-123 New Member

    So where do you want the telesales work? In the company or at home? If it is at home how can you confirm they are working? I am a little puzzled!
  4. nicola jane

    nicola jane New Member

    I agree that this point needs clarification. I had assumed they were looking for home based telemarketers.

    The answer to the questionf below is : you can tell if a telemarketer is working whilst at home because they produce results. No telemarketer worth their salt will not produce results and say they were actually working.

    Looking forward to hearing from you about the campaign details


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