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failed my first assignment as a trainee proofreader

Discussion in 'Copywriting Forum' started by ad4155, Jan 28, 2021.

  1. ad4155

    ad4155 New Member


    Thank you for reading.

    I’m currently completing a course in basic proofreading by the Publishing Training Centre. The aim is to be able to take on some freelance work should I ever want to in the future.

    I’ve found the course challenging but am enjoying it and have learnt a lot. I have just completed the first module, submitting my first assignment and first set of exercises last week. I’ve received the feedback today and just missed out on a pass. If I’m very honest, I can completely understand why I have received the mark I did by looking at the feedback. After completing the exercises, I have begun to understand my weaknesses, and from that, I never expected to do amazingly well on the assignment. However, I didn’t expect to fail, and this has had a massive effect on my confidence. How can I ever expect to be a competent proofreader if I can’t even pass the first assignment? The fact that it is a proofreading qualification, where you really can’t afford to miss or make an error, has added to my worries.

    To take a positive stance, it’s obvious that I needed this setback to grow and improve: I now have a much clearer understanding of where I need to focus my attention (and not find errors where there are none!). I’m also looking at the course with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, determined to do even better as I work my way through the modules.

    My questions are these: has anyone (who has followed any professional training course) failed an assignment or module? How did you take it? Did you continue with the training or quit before you crashed and burnt? Or did you improve, being able to pass with flying colours?

    Any advice, from other proofreaders or anyone, would be appreciated. I’d love to continue, but if I’m not cut out for it, I’d rather be told.

    Thank you and stay safe.
  2. Greg13My

    Greg13My New Member

    Don't be upset. I'm sure you still have everything ahead. Being an editor is very difficult for myself, I know. I needed to write a dissertation, but I couldn't get my sections in order. So I applied for thesis writing help to finalize my work. I realized that I had no talent for writing and editing. And here efforts alone are not enough.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2021
  3. Yusuf Javed

    Yusuf Javed New Member

    Don't worries about it. Do practice may help to improve your next assignment.
  4. Naheed Mir

    Naheed Mir Member

    Practice practice and practice. Don't lose hope and continue your
    hard work. Every time you proofread, do it as though you are
    reading it for the first time.

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