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Feedback on a freelancers website

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by markhextall1985, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. markhextall1985

    markhextall1985 New Member

    Hi Guys

    Just want feedback on my website which has been live for about 5 months


    Any feedback is welcome as im finding it hard to get clients.


  2. michelledancer

    michelledancer New Member

    Would gladly give some feedback but the site seems to be timing out, you might want to yell at your host :)
  3. michelledancer

    michelledancer New Member

    Ok it's fixed today...some of this might seem harsh but you said you're struggling so if being harsh helps you then so be it...these are all mistakes I've made plenty of times too.

    Remember the standard of your site will, as far as potential clients are concerned, be the standard you're capable of on theirs. The better and more polished it looks the more chance you have of making a good first impression.

    Code: First thing's first, you're using tables for your layout. If you plan to be in this industry for the forseeable future please please please try to learn more modern ways of doing things. Decent clients are getting more savvy and you're shooting yourself in the foot. You're also negatively affecting your SEO.

    Colour scheme: Light text on dark background puts a lot of people off in the first place, but since you've decided to use it you should work on the contrast of the body text. Personally I'd darken the background slightly and change the bright white text to a light gray.

    Heirarchy: You write on your homepage about guiding visitors where you want them to go, but you don't take your own advice. Taking the homepage as an example, everything is sort of mushed together. There's no space between the header/intro, or the intro/box things, whitespace is key in guiding the eyes around a site.

    Presumably you want people on your homepage to click the "currently available for work" box, but since it's the same red as everything else it doesn't draw the eye at all. Google "call to action" and you'll find a lot of interesting stuff.

    Portfolio: Might just be my eyes but the images look a bit stretched, make sure they're showing off your work at its best. I clicked through to one of the sites and it didn't work properly in Firefox so that might be something you can research too.

    General notes: Drop-shadows on text and embossing effects are dated. Use them subtly, a slight shadow is more realistic than a solid black. Centered text...steer clear unless you absolutely understand how to use it properly. It might be an idea to add a page about yourself too, people approaching a solo freelancer rather than a company tend to do so because they prefer the personal relationship.

    Like I said at the top, I'm not being mean or anything but these are all serious problems that need to be looked at. You'll be amazed at how much difference a few little changes in spacing etc can make.
  4. EDCWebDesign

    EDCWebDesign New Member

    I don't think you'll ever design a website that appeals to everyone, I personally like the choice of background and foreground colours, not keen on the red though.

    Although the use of tables is "old school" a combination of tables and CSS is still the best way to get cross browser compatibility, at least until IE sorts out it's compliance to CSS standards.

    As you'll be well aware, web design is a very competitive market. To get clients you first need to get the clients to you. I see that you offer SEO service, yet your website doesn't make it onto the top 100 Google results for "Web Design in Leicestershire", your first keyphrase.

    A look at your source shows that you've used copy and paste to put your key phrases from the footer into your mete keywords and content. Your keywords should be comma seperated, and ideantical keyword, content and footer content will look like spam to search bots.

    Your header isn't helping either, search engines can't read the text in a graphic, ideally you want to use a H1 heading at the top of the page. At the least you should add a alt="" descriptor to the image.

    Finally run a spell checker over your content, I spotted a couple of typos.

    Don't rely on people fining your website, get out and market it, I would also suggest a little more research into SEO techniques.

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