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Feedback on Freelancer Website

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by BarryFogarty, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. BarryFogarty

    BarryFogarty New Member

    Hello fellow freelancers,

    I have just launched my new site and I would appreciate any feedback:

    Freelance ASP.Net Web Developer North London

    I want to brighten it up with some imagery, but at the same time I like it quite minimal, what do you think?

    The one job I have remain is to implement my testimonial "slider". One thing I find difficult is prompting clients to leave a testimonial. Often they are happy to provide something but are very busy, so suggest I write it and send it on to thenm for 'approval'. Obviously it would be better to get a real one - any tips for asking nicely, or reasoning with them it would be better if they wrote it?

    Barry Fogarty
  2. WritingOnTheWeb

    WritingOnTheWeb New Member

    Bullet point all your skills and knowledge near the top of your page.

    As that's what the recruiter will scan for then look at your portfolio.

    If you make it hard for them to make a connection with what you can do then they'll find it hard getting that connection.

    Also put your contact form above the fold and your contact info in the header.
  3. seoforbiz

    seoforbiz New Member

    Its a great start.

    To be honest the main thing I would say is that you could move the 'services' menu over to the left hand side of the screen.

    Its what you are trying to sell and how you make your bread and butter. Therefore I would make it much more prominent by making it bigger and adding a background image or colour to make it stand out more.

    To be honest, it was a bit lost on me tucked into a small space on the top right.
  4. squashedapples

    squashedapples New Member

    I noticed that you use the w3c logos, when clicking them it says your code is not valid and your site has errors in the code

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