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First time freelancer - any help appreciated :)

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by MrWHU, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. MrWHU

    MrWHU New Member

    This is my first post, so hello to you all!

    At the moment, I am a print designer, currently in-between jobs. I've never taken on a freelance role and have never had the desire too - it's the life for some, but not for others, and I'm one of the others, much preferring job security in a studio etc etc.

    However, I've been given the opportunity to work for a month or so artworking a brochure at a friends workplace. This really is going to be a one off gig, and I'll be hoping to have full time employment set up by the end of the month or 5 weeks that this job takes to complete. So where does this leave me with regards to the taxman? Can I invoice the company and get paid without fear of retribution from the dark overlords of the tax office? Or do I have to register myself as being self employed or... Well... I just don't know where I stand.

    Any help and advice would be much appreciated :)
  2. SharpClause

    SharpClause New Member

    Hello MrWHU :)

    I'm not an accountant, but I do know that there should be no problem at all as far as the taxman is concerned, provided it's declared as extra income on your tax return of course. Is this company covering your tax and NI? or are you dealing with that yourself? I expect it's yourself, isn't it? Just don't forget to keep your NI contributions up to date when you're working on the contract - have a word with your local tax office as these people are extraordinarily helpful and they'll tell you how to go about making sure you're up to date.

    I wouldn't bother registering as self employed for a month's work, particularly as you'll have full time work in place by the end of the contract. However, if things change and you're still working for them on contract after that month and there is no full time work in sight, and this is your main source of income, then again check with the tax office as the line between employed and self-employed can be quite grey when you're working on a client's premises.

    HTH :D and good luck!

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