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Font activation issue?

Discussion in 'Illustrator Forum' started by Lincon, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Lincon

    Lincon New Member

    Hello ! So whenever I try to open a file that used an activated font it will pop up with the window stating that the font isnt activated and that I need to turn it on. It will also say all my other activated fonts are off. However the activate font button is grayed out and it wont let me actually do anything but pick a default font. If I then start Adobe cloud (or if I start with Adobe cloud open it skips to this step) every font other than the one I'm using will activate. The one in the file will not turn on no matter what I do. I then close the file and restart and about half the time the font acts like it was active all along, the other half of the time its step one all over again.

    I've googled this and I dont know if I'm just searching wrong or what but I'm not finding a solution to this. But I really dont enjoy restarting a file 3x just to have my font...please help!
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    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019

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