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Free Website Offer

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by benjymat, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. benjymat

    benjymat New Member

    I am currently starting in Web Design and am sure everyone is aware that to start off you need a portfolio. I need that Portfolio and am offering the first three companies that respond to this post a free website.

    Please PM the following information, if this information is not provided then i will not consider you.

    Size of Company.
    No of Employees.
    Purpose of Website.

    For a start i am not able to do projects of a large nature so let says anything under 15 Pages. PM for more information and examples of offline sites that i have created.

    There is also a need for the organisation to consider 100% Discount on the Web Design and Development only, the costs for the Domain name and hosting will be incurred by the Organisation. PM for more info if not fully understood.

    Good luck..:) :) :) :)
  2. gpi

    gpi New Member

    I would like to work with a web designer.


    My name is george and I looking for a web designer to work and grow with. I wish to launch a iptv channel. and would love to work with some one great the project off the ground.

    Base or your posting, this could work well for both of us.

  3. far

    far New Member

    Hey, I am a Graphic Design student, however I know nothing about Web Designing. I need an online portfolio - I have started to make layout designs in InDesign. If you are up for it please let me know.

    Thank you,

  4. Tonyw1978

    Tonyw1978 New Member

    Hi there


    I'm setting up a video production company, after many years working freelance, with three very different "identities" which over time will require three very different web sites.

    The idea is to start with one and build from there hopfully with each site growing in complexity and size as our business grows and the money to pay for this becomes available.

    I would be very interested in starting a collaberative relationship with somebody in the field of web design which over time would be mutually beneficial to everyone.

    There are three main people in our company and around a dozen or more people we call on during productions as well as other companys we will be looking to work with on co-productions.

    Whilst we are setting up we are pretty cash strapped so the offer of a basic site being put together initially for cost is certainly appealing and I would very much like to see any of your previous work.


    Antony Warnes

  5. javaman

    javaman New Member

    Website Design


    I am dealing with the Marketing of my Volleyball Club in South West London.
    We are looking at options to get our website revamped, even re-designed completely if you suggest it is better so that it is easy to update (at the moment it is not) and user-friendly.

    We are not a big company obviously and all of us are working voluntarily to make the club grows and progress - this is the reason why we are alooking at people like you with the skills and looking at increasing their portfolio.

    We have around 95 members, 3 mens team, 3 ladies team, 1 junior programme.
    Competing in london league and national cup
    6-8 of us volunteering to help with the club
    the purpose of the website is to advertise the club better but mainly, by making it interactive and user-friendly, we make sure the few volunteers we are can actually go and update regularly without too much trouble.
    A lot of other options and needs that could also be discussed.

    If you feel you would be interested in this, let me know. I do not know if you fancy playing volleyball but the only think we can really offer you is a free membership with us.

  6. nijran1973

    nijran1973 New Member

    Webiste Needed


    Looking to start a new business for Cleaning Drives

    I currently have a website but it is a template with no creative / site optimized etc etc

    Size of Company. Small
    Industry. Cleaning Industrial Pressure washing
    No of Employees. 2
    Purpose of Website. To promote the cleaning business and also to have a form which sends me info for potential clients.

    Hope this is enough detail please email me sunny_nijran@hotmail.com

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