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Freelance advice

Discussion in 'Journalism Forum' started by MeltingF, May 30, 2020.

  1. MeltingF

    MeltingF New Member

    Hello, I'm a young reporter in who has been in a reporting job for 9 months and trying to work out my next steps and whether to consider freelancing in some form.

    My current role pays about average for an entry-level role in journalism (low) and demands extremely long hours: I'm fine with both these things. My problem is that the 'journalism' I have to produce is very narrow in its scope and tends to be sensationalised and exaggerated. I haven't worked on a single article which I would say I'm really proud of since beginning the role. On the plus side the job does involves lots of original reporting in so far as pitching articles (that meet the very narrow criteria of tabloid style articles) and interviewing people. The role is based in a city where I have no friends and my housing situation isn't ideal either.

    I'm trying to decide what my next steps should be. My choices at the moment are:
    a. Continue in the role - (at least it pays the rent + bills).
    b. Try and get a new job as a reporter in more convenient place (I have been applying for some roles but so far have been unsuccessful and with Covid-19 journo jobs are even fewer and farer between than usual. Also I might still have to write rubbish in any role I eventually got.
    c. Try and get part-time work in ??something?? and work on journalism I'm proud of and interested in during the rest of my time.

    I'm interested in hearing how other freelance journalists got started out and how they made sure they paid the rent and bills when starting out. If you did take part-time work, what was it?

    My main fear at present is that the journalism I have to produce in this role makes it seem like my passion is in writing sensationalised human-interest stuff to fill (web)pages of tabloids and so it will narrow what sorts of journo jobs I can apply for in the future.

    Feel free to share any thoughts. :)
  2. Bensoncal

    Bensoncal New Member

    This is not bad actually. I can see the passion in your writing. Well, the advice I will give is that you should try out any radio station or TV station. Be it online or commercial one. I'm so sure if they interview you, you are going to pass from the way you write. I can judge you will make a good journalist. Best of luck!
  3. likeshigh

    likeshigh Member

    Thank you for your advice. Your advice can prove very beneficial for us. It is important for a freelancer to know what his target should be.
  4. rinegills

    rinegills New Member

    I worked as a journalist for about a year, and then I had a change in management. I was forced to write some completely implausible articles. There was also a lot of political work where I couldn't speak my mind. They literally took away my freedom of speech. I left because I didn't like doing it. A freelance job helped me solve my financial problems. I took on writing texts of varying complexity. But if you don't want to leave, you could look for night jobs that pay well. In addition to the main job, this one can be easy and bring in additional income.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2021
  5. Williamlak

    Williamlak New Member

    Thanks for the advice Uh mostly creative work where it could be gotten or I suppose videogame and movie journalism. I'll put some more thought into it.
  6. Frenjudipt2000

    Frenjudipt2000 New Member

    Everything is attributed. Fact-checkers are crucial to the credibility of publications. Of course, journalists and writers also have responsibilities.

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