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freelance fashion designer

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by elevans, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. elevans

    elevans New Member

    Find & Hire Freelance Fashion Designers here.

    hi there fellow freelancers,

    i've been having a scout around the forum(i'm new) and it seems to cover everything except fashion, i saw one post i think but that's it, do fashion/clothing freelancers not get on here much or is there just not a separate section for us?

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  2. dinkydudette

    dinkydudette New Member

    Hi Yes I'm in fashion too and there's nothing. but when I try and talk to other people in the industry are reluctant to talk to one another, there's a really elitist attitude. it's a shame though. there needs to be a sections for us fashion designers i think. :grin
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  3. Dave G

    Dave G Guest

    My daughter wants to make a career in fashion design. She is about to choose her year 10 options.
    She is thinking of Textiles, Art and Drama.
    Is this a good choice to continue to A level ?
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  4. designbybluebird

    designbybluebird New Member

    fashion design and print freelance

    hey there
    Im new to the forum.
    nice to meet you all.

    I am a fashion designer too and would love a section specifically for our sector. There are many websites on the net but none for fashion jobs?

    can anyone shed any light for me?

    Hope all good,


  5. fork8210

    fork8210 New Member

    Its good to know that you can see people who are into fashion in almost everywhere. I'm into fashion also and I always wanted to become a fashion designer someday.

    {no advertising - sigs in this case - please, please see our recently updated rules on this, thanks FreelanceUK}
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  6. nrk

    nrk New Member


    i am a fashion designer too....i never came across any fashion or apparel related posts any where....
    in fact i am looking out for online designing work ....just wanted to know if any companies are hiring apparel designers who can work anywhere in the world.....
  7. FreelanceUK

    FreelanceUK Administrator

    New 'Fashion Design' category on Freelance Alliance

    Thanks for the posts everyone. We've also had one or two requests for fashion design to be added as a skill category on Find a Freelancer - Freelance UK, which we've done.

    The directory is optimised using the skills (and location) you choose, so that members may be picked up by searches for fashion designers in Google as well as any direct searches made on this site.
  8. kieran45

    kieran45 Banned

    If you enjoy art, fashion and love to involve yourself in the latest trends, then a career in the fashion industry cab be your choice. Although many positions in fashion design do not require a degree but it is highly recommended.
  9. philipsteele

    philipsteele New Member

    i am also searching about fashion designing information from here, because my friend want to know more about this she want to study fashion designing...
  10. amily_tan

    amily_tan New Member

    What a chance to meet you here, I'm also searching for any info about fashion design education, particularly i'm interested in fashion photograph.
    Does anyone know School of fashion and design London that provides design courses?
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2011
  11. lazybones

    lazybones Banned

    you could try st. martin's, but they are very picky. also, you can google for internships with designers. charlie le mind had one recently, but i think it had been filled already. dunno, just check the net every once in a while and see if there is something for you.
  12. JuliaZ

    JuliaZ New Member

    I wonder if someone will be able to help me, I'm fashion designer and I looking for a job in Fashion Industry. For last five years I worked from my own studio offering bespoke mead to measure service. I have all experience and education. I'm applying for jobs but no respond. Is it because I'm foreign. I don't know what I'm doing wrong ? Is there some professional advice I can get how to apply for Fashion Design job.
    Thank you Julia.
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  13. Marry Smith

    Marry Smith New Member

    Hello How are you? I am a fashion designer plus fashion blogger, if you are in search of any free lance fashion designer then contact me I will show you my work .
  14. neginntark

    neginntark New Member

    very good thanks
  15. SeedTracy

    SeedTracy New Member

    Quite interesting I must admit
  16. Olman

    Olman New Member

    I've never heard that the fashion industry worker can work remotely. I always thought that they should be closer to production, to fashion shows, but turns out that's not true.
  17. fishvid

    fishvid New Member

    i am also interested in pursuing career as a freelance fashion designer. vidmate save insta
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2021

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