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Freelance job hunting

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by FreelanceUK, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. BeckieJ

    BeckieJ New Member

    Hi Gill,

    Thanks for you comments. I can certainly see you're points,and will put them into action!. I think I'm finding it hard being an individual and a business at the same time. I shall re-work the site and try again! Hey, its all about learning from mistakes!!!. :) As for my typo's, I agree people of influence will see my posts, so I shall sack myself and try and find a suitable replacement! ;-) Any more tips gratefully recieved!.
  2. WoburnGD

    WoburnGD New Member


    I have just joined 'FreelanceUk' and spent a few minutes on the forum.
    However, at the beginning of January, after a few years unemployed, I decided to go it alone and started my own company. Although i have psted flyers and walked round industrial estates with my business card I have only had 2 customers (and even then they were pushed into buying). Is there any other way I can obtain a nice flow of customers?
    PS. I only work in designing stationary; ie; letterheads, business cards, flyers.
  3. LucyBerg

    LucyBerg New Member

    I have had good experiences with recruitment agencies when looking for freelance roles especially with Pop Recruitment. I dealt with a lady called Susanne who was really helpful.
  4. jeromem

    jeromem Banned

    Hi all

    I realise this is a shameless plug but I am working on software which identifies new businesses and start up companies in the UK. It's very early stages (I put the first *rough* draft online yesterday) but the software will sort the leads by location (just about working) and likelihood to need graphic design services (not yet working).

    Do many of you have much success contacting start ups directly and do you prefer to approach companies that are geographically close to you?

    Any feedback on Michrome: Find new businesses in your area would be much appreciated!


  5. jeromem

    jeromem Banned

    I'm not a graphic designer nor a freelancer. I have, however, spent too much time looking at logos and letterheads! If I needed a logo, I think I'd find you in one of three ways:

    - A friend would recommend you.
    - You would contact me.
    - I'd search online for something like "logo design guildford". (Have you registered with yell.com and the Google Local Business Center?)

    In all three cases, I'd need to see examples of your work and I'd need to see something I liked. Being a non-design type, it's easier for me to tell you what I like/dislike about something you've already created than it is to start from scratch!

    Hope that helps!
  6. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Hey jeromem,

    Site looks good. Chuck it as a new thread in the general forum if I were you...

    Would be good to have Director's name output as well as the company name and address.
  7. jeromem

    jeromem Banned

    Thanks Mickey - will start a new thread once I've added a few more features to the site.

    Contact names will be available with a paid version, still in development at the moment...
  8. GTFC

    GTFC New Member

    Contact names would be a definite benefit, if at all possible!
  9. CPUSUK-Design

    CPUSUK-Design New Member

  10. Miss Bee

    Miss Bee New Member

    I have only recently become freelance and have secured my work to date from a variety of sources, in equal proportions.

    The sources include previous contacts and employers, speculative enquiries and industry-specific job boards (such as the Guardian and Chinwag Jobs).

    As I build up a (great!) portfolio, I hope that I will be able to rely more on established contacts and word-of-mouth.

    It would also be great to have a specific freelance resource available to look for opportunities. Many of those that I have seen online so far do not seem that reputable or list credible projects.

    Also, I am a remote freelancer. Recruitment agencies tend to cater for freelancers that can work on-site. That's another reason why a good online resource would be helpful.
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  11. Miss Bee

    Miss Bee New Member

    This does look great. I can see why they're all limited companies (details from Companies House, I'm guessing?), but would you consider adding sole traders too? Obviously, this would rely on those individuals submitting their details to you, but sole traders would like a helping hand too!
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