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Freelance Rates

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by TheMorphiuz, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. TheMorphiuz

    TheMorphiuz New Member

    Can anyone tell me what the going rate for web design work, based on charging hourly please?
    Do you charge different rates for different types of work? I.e. XHTAML/CSS, PHP/mySQL coding, graphics etc...

    If you don't charge by the hour, how do you charge? And why?

  2. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Hi Morphiuz,

    Thank gawd Xmas is over for another year, much more time feeding and I think I would have popped!

    Rates really do depend on not only the work being undertaken but also on your skill level and the costs of other freelancers!

    Straight XHTML and CSS for simple sites the usual range is £10-£20 depending on skill level, maybe more if you can get away with it!

    PHP / MySQL probably more like £20-£40 per hour again depending on skill level.

    Graphics and design again depends on skill level but £15-£30 is pretty usual.

    Whenever you quote for work ask yourself two questions.
    How much do I want this work?
    How much do I need this work?

    If you need work then it is likely you will tailor your quote down in the hope it will be accepted, if you really want the work then the same is often true! The real gutter however is that you often don't get these jobs but do get the jobs you really don't want and have quoted on the high side to help put the client off!! There is a lesson to be learnt there somewhere :confused:
  3. TheMorphiuz

    TheMorphiuz New Member

    :D My high metabolism has it's advantages! lol

    Thanks for that. Indeed, each job should be treated on an individual basis, makes accounting and cash flow a nightmare. :rolleyes:

    It's a tough world.

    Thanks for your input Mickey!
  4. badlyDrawnToy

    badlyDrawnToy New Member

    the great rate debate

    Hi there.

    The rate debate has been asked before. Check out the blog below and you'll find heaps of replies to this question

    Joshuaink: How much do you charge?

    I'm just starting out freelance, having been a contract java web developer for many years. Personally, even if I value myself at say £35/hour, I can't honestly cost a job at this rate (yet?). I always quote fixed price. I attempt to evaluate how many hours are involved and multiply this by my rate... but I'd never win a job! so, I think it's a mixture of valunig your time and remaining competitive.

    I doubt I'll ever get rich designing web sites.. but I'll enjoy it!

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