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Freelance web design

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by silvertwister2009, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. silvertwister2009

    silvertwister2009 New Member

    Hi guys new to the forum

    Since the beginning of this year I have been attempting to go freelance.

    I have one regular client so far and I had a second client that is not willing to pay the rest of the money though he paid part of the payment a few week ago.

    It's really frustrating as they are not answering my emails or answering their phone etc yet they had said the payment is coming through on a Friday , no contact since then. Have any of you guys been in this situation before?

    Also, do you guys do a lot of work for agencies? How are you generating your Own leads as opposed to working for agencies?

    Would be great if anyone can help

  2. Tylor Merlyn

    Tylor Merlyn New Member

    1) Always be networking.... have your business card and talk to anyone and everyone about what you do.

    2) Work your "circle of influence"... if you've done good work for somebody, call them and directly ask if they know of anybody who can benefit from your work. There is no shame in asking for a referral.

    3) Make cold calls! Don't be afraid to call somebody who you don't know and make an appointment to meet and talk about what you have to offer. If you're uncomfortable with cold calls I highly recommend Stephan Shiffman's book "Cold Calling Techniques (that really work)". He lays it out clearly and in layman's terms.

    Good luck!
  3. WritingOnTheWeb

    WritingOnTheWeb New Member

    Here's what I've tried with little to no success.

    Posting classified ads.
    Freelance sites such as freelancer.co.uk

    Here's what gets a 1/100 success rate.

    Cold calling.

    Best of luck.

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